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Gainsight Inc.

Product Webinar Recordings

Below are links to recent Gainsight product webinars:

Gainsight Product Release Webinars

With each Gainsight release, approximately every 6 weeks, Gainsight hosts a customer webinar to demo new features and enhancements. Recordings are typically around 1 hour.

Gainsight on Gainsight: CSM-led Webinars

Note: most of the webinar recordings below are ~ 50 mins. long

CoPilot Email / 1:Many Communication

Survey & NPS


Lifecycle Management

Renewals Management / Sales / Advocacy

Customer Success Management

CSM Team Management

Gainsight Features


Administrator Training

Gainsight currently offers free self-paced online Administrator training. The training includes 15 modules related to various features and functionality, which you can complete as time and interest permits. To register for access to the online training, click here.

We strongly recommend that new Gainsight Admins, or those looking to brush up on unfamiliar topics, complete the online training.

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