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Migrating Surveys 1.0 to 2.0

Admins can migrate draft surveys from the Surveys 1.0 module to the Surveys 2.0 module with one click. This includes the completed surveys and their associated questions, logic rules, permissions, and response data. This article walks you through the prerequisites, limitations, and recommendations for the feature, as well as the steps needed to complete this migration.


  1. Standard Objects - Company, Relationship, User, Person, Company Person and Relationship Person are loaded into Gainsight.

  2. A sub domain has been configured for the tenant for Gainsight. Customers can use Gainsight provided domains and custom domains for sites.

  3. Sites and Pages are configured, including the Survey Response Page, which can be used in the Survey Distribute and Publish tabs. For more information on site requirements for 2.0, refer to Setup a Gainsight Domain.


  • Only Expired and Draft surveys can be migrated at this time.

  • Expired surveys will be migrated with a status of Closed in Surveys 2.0.

  • The survey site URL is not migrated for Expired surveys as it will not be compatible in Surveys 2.0. For more information on site requirements for 2.0, refer to Setup a Gainsight Domain.

  • It is not possible to migrate surveys created with non-Gainsight survey tools.

  • Surveys 2.0 does not currently have Cross-Org migration support. For more information on this module, refer to Cross-org Migration.

  • Surveys 2.0 does not support Salesforce Email Service or Marketo distribution options. However, response data from those distribution channels will be migrated to Surveys 2.0.

  • There can be a mismatch in the total sent count and bounced emails between the original 1.0 survey and the migrated 2.0 survey.

  • When migrating survey 1.0 permissions, only the survey level permissions will be migrated, not the module level permissions. We recommend customers create permission bundles for module level permissions in Surveys 2.0. For more information on permissions in surveys 1.0 and module level permissions for 2.0, refer to Assign Survey Permissions and Survey 2.0 Permissions respectively.

  • We are not supporting the migration of 3rd party survey results that have been inserted into the NPS Survey Master from the Administration tab.


  • We recommend customers use Surveys 2.0 over 1.0 whenever possible. New customers should start with Surveys 2.0, and existing customers should create any new surveys through Surveys 2.0. Because Surveys 2.0 has not reached full feature parity with 1.0, there may be certain use cases where Surveys 1.0 is necessary. For more information on surveys feature parity, refer to Surveys 2.0 FAQ.

  • We do not recommend migrating your survey if you are expecting it to receive additional responses.

  • Attempting to migrate a survey that has already been migrated can affect the status and site url of the already migrated Surveys 2.0 survey. While it is possible to reopen a migrated 2.0 survey and distribute it via Programs, we recommend to first create a copy of the migrated survey. Then distribute the copied survey via Programs. This way, any subsequent migration attempts will not affect the functioning of the copied survey.

  • We recommend migrating surveys to use the enhanced Analytics of Surveys 2.0. These Analytics overall display more accurate and complete data than 1.0 analytics. For more information on these analytics, refer to Surveys 2.0 Analytics.

How to Migrate Surveys

  1. Select Survey to navigate to the Surveys module.

  2. Click the blue triangle at the bottom of the survey card you want to migrate. Select MIGRATE from the actions available.


3. This opens the Migrate to Survey 2.0 pop-up window. Select the survey settings to migrate by switching the settings to ON.

  • Notes:

    • Since Draft surveys do not have responses, that setting will not be visible to switch on or off when migrating Draft surveys.

    • Survey questions and logic rules will be migrated by default for all surveys, so those settings will not be visible to switch on or off when migrating any survey.


4. Click MIGRATE to complete the migration.



After the migration is complete, the logged in user will receive an email confirmation. You will be able to view the migrated survey in the Surveys 2.0 list view

Migration Email

The migration email contains a breakdown of each Migration Step and its migration status. It could take a few minutes after the migration has been initiated before the email is sent. It will come from a “No-reply” email address.


Attached to the email will be a CSV that explains the migration in more detail.

Viewing Migrated Surveys

After a survey is migrated, you can view it by clicking on the Surveys 2.0 (Beta) tab to navigate to the Surveys 2.0 list view.


Migrated surveys are identical to any other 2.0 survey. For more information on Surveys 2.0, refer to How to Configure Surveys 2.0 (Path).

You can still view the original survey in the Surveys 1.0 module.
Note: Completing an additional migration of a survey that has already been migrated to Surveys 2.0 will overwrite the existing migrated survey.

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