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Surveys 2.0 FAQs

This article addresses frequently asked questions regarding Surveys 2.0.

General Survey Questions and Concerns

How should CSMs act on survey results? 

There is not a one-size-fits-all way to respond to survey results. It depends on the role, the segment, and a variety of other factors. You should however trigger CTAs for common surveys (e.g. NPS survey). Identify the most common surveys, set rules to trigger CTAs (depending on the response), and develop Email Assists to help your team provide standard responses to your customers.

Is there a link that I can send to share the survey? 

Every link is unique, so you will have to share the survey via Gainsight.

I receive very few responses to my surveys. 

A low survey response rate could be due to a variety of factors. For example, it could be due to the content (e.g. lack of personality, poorly crafted subject lines, etc.) or the logistics (e.g. poor survey timing, selecting the wrong recipient, etc.). For best practices on how to increase your survey response rate, refer to Reasons for Low Survey Response Rate.

Not all of the contacts in my CSV file show up in the list of participants (when sending via the Survey module). 

Most likely, these contacts are not contacts in Salesforce and Gainsight. You will have to add these contacts to Salesforce and Gainsight first, before you can send them surveys. You can do so quickly from the Contacts section of the Customer 360.

I sent a survey via Journey Orchestrator, but the Survey > Analyze section does not show records for Sent, Not Responded, and Undelivered when I click these bars. 

For surveys sent via Journey Orchestrator (versus the Survey module), you will have to find this information in Journey Orchestrator. The Survey section only shows records for Responded and Partial Saved. Navigate to Journey Orchestrator > Analytics, select the outreach and date range, and find the records on 1) Sent, 2) Not Responded, and 3) Undelivered as 1) Sent, 2) Sent - Clicked, and 3) Hard Bounced + Soft Bounced respectively.

About Surveys 2.0

How is Surveys 2.0 different from Surveys 1.0?

Surveys 2.0 is currently available in beta and does not have full feature parity with Surveys 1.0. Surveys 2.0 also has new features that are not available for Surveys 1.0 such as Skip Logic and the Question Library. The following table illustrates the features available for Surveys 1.0 and Surveys 2.0.


Surveys 1.0

Surveys 2.0


Text Analytics

Survey Flattening

Salesforce Email Service and Marketo for Survey Distribution


Vault Templates


Internal Submission

Survey Permissions (see notes)


Anonymous Survey Options

Standard Outreach Compatibility


Program Compatibility

Multiple Language Support

Email Assist Compatibility

Set CTAs (see notes)

Question Library


Anonymous Link


Skip Logic


Display Logic


Since Survey Permissions are not available at this time for Surveys 2.0, anyone with access to the Surveys 2.0 tab will have access to all surveys and results.Notes:

  • Set CTAs is available in Surveys 2.0 but it is handled through the Advanced Outreach rather than the survey. Refer to Configure Model and Emails for Advanced Outreach for more information on this process.

  • Features missing from Surveys 2.0 are planned for future releases. A future release will also include a migration process from Surveys 1.0 to Surveys 2.0. 

  • The Surveys 2.0 tab is hidden in Gainsight by default. This is intentional as it is a beta feature. System Admins can manually add the tab to make it visible for users. Refer to Enable the Surveys 2.0 (Beta) Tab for instructions on how to add the tab.

How can I tell whether I'm using Survey 1.0 or 2.0?

The 1.0 designation does not actually appear in the Gainsight application; it's strictly used in documentation for the purposes of distinguishing the older and newer versions. In Gainsight, you will see a tab called Survey, and/or a tab called Survey 2.0 (Beta).

Is the Surveys 2.0 Feature built on top of the existing Surveys 1.0 feature or is it a new feature with new data architecture?

Surveys 2.0 is built on a completely new tech stack from the original Surveys feature and is in fact a separate feature.

Should customers immediately migrate over to Surveys 2.0? What if I’m a brand new customer?

We strongly recommend customers pilot Surveys 2.0 while it is in beta and get used to the feature before relying on it for survey communication. New customers should rely on Surveys 1.0 for survey communication while Surveys 2.0 is in beta.

Is there a required cutoff or can Surveys 2.0 and 1.0 be ran in parallel?

There is no required cutoff at this time. Both features can be used in parallel.

Are there any risks to enabling Surveys 2.0?

No, making the Surveys 2.0 tab visible does not impact the existing Surveys feature in any way. There is no harm in making the tab visible, even if it is not used right away.

Can I use the same survey site to host multiple surveys for both Survey & Survey 2.0?

Surveys 2.0 are only compatible with Gainsight Sites and Domains. For more information regarding Gainsight Sites and Domains, refer to Setup a Gainsight Domain.

Do I need special permissions to access or manage survey 2.0?

No, but the Surveys 2.0 tab is hidden by default as it is a beta feature. A system admin must add this tab to make it visible for all users. For more information on enabling the Surveys 2.0 (Beta) tab, refer to Surveys 2.0 Overview.

Is it possible to move questions from one page to another?

Yes, questions can be dragged from one page to another using the left-hand column of the Survey Design tab.

moving questions.gif

Are the Anonymous Survey Responses tied to an Account?

No, anonymous survey responses are gathered without any information about the responder. Semi-anonymous surveys will capture the account information of the responder while still keeping their individual identity anonymous.

How will I change the survey’s visual appearance?

You can use the tools available in the Visual Experience section of the Surveys 2.0 Design tab to control how the survey will appear. Refer to Surveys 2.0 Properties for more information.

Is Surveys 2.0 data displayed in the NPS tab?

 NPS data from Surveys 2.0 is displayed in the NPS 2.0(Beta) tab. For more information on this tab, refer to NPS 2.0 Overview.

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