The scorecard mass edit view allows a CSM to edit one or more scores manually from the Gainsight Home dashboards. This article explains how an Admin can create the mass edit view for Scorecards 2.0 (Accounts and Relationships), and a related article explains how CSMs can make edits to scores in the new view.

You can create a Mass Edit report on either Scorecard Unified Object or Scorecard Fact Object.

There exist two Unified Fact objects; Company Scorecard Fact Object and Relationship Scorecard Fact object. All the data for Account Scorecards is stored in the Unified Scorecard Fact - Company Object and all the data for Relationship Scorecards is stored in the Unified Scorecard Fact - Relationship Object.

When you create a new Scorecard, a Scorecard Fact Object is automatically created, for the new Scorecard. Every Account Scorecard has a corresponding Account Scorecard Fact Object and every Relationship Scorecard has a corresponding Relationship Scorecard Fact Object.  

A fact object holds data of only that Scorecard for which it is created. A Unified Fact object holds data of all the Scorecards. 

Note: In the Show me section, you cannot use fields with the following data types as the first field.

Data types not supported in first field of Show Me (Click here to expand)

Create a Scorecard Mass-edit Report on Unified fact Object

To use the enhanced Scorecard Mass Edit report:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Analytics > Report Builder.
  2. Click + REPORT. The Report Builder window is displayed in a new tab.
  3. Select either Unified Scorecard Fact - Company or Unified Scorecard Fact - Relationship, from the Select Data source field.  
  4. Select Scorecard Mass Edit in the Report Type field.

select unified fact object.png

  1. Select the Required Companies and Scorecards in the Show me section. 

  • Company Id -> Name

  • Scorecard Id -> Name

2- Select company and scorecard.gif

  1. Similarly, select the required Measures and other fields in the Show me section.

  2. Click RUN.

Unified mass edit.png

  • You can see that there are three different Scorecards; Company Third, Company Health, and Company Secondary in a single Mass edit report.

  • NA implies that the Measure is applicable for a Scorecard but is not yet set. In the above image, Cases Measure is present in Company Health Scorecard but is not yet set.

  • Not Applicable implies that the Measure is not part of the Scorecard. In the above image, Bugs measure is not part of the Company Third Scorecard.

Limitations in Mass Edit report created using Unified Fact Object

  • The first field cannot be a GSID data type Field.
  • Export in Success Snapshots is not possible.
  • "Freeze First Column" option is not available.
  • You cannot apply the ranking functionality. 
  • Fact colors are not honored in standard reporting.
  • Currently, Home Page Export is not possible.
  • "Excludes" operator is not available in filters. Only "includes" operator is available.
  • You cannot export Mass Edit report as a CSV file.
  • The report load time may increase, for large chunks of data.
  • Filtering on either NA or Not Applicable options returns the same results.

Filter/ Sort Mass Edit report created from Unified Fact Object

  1. Filter Scorecard data based on Measure Scores: You can now filter data based on the scores of a Measure. You can use this filter to filter data only to view the scores which are in Red, or scores in Red and Yellow, and so on.

To apply a filter on Measures in a Mass Edit report:

  1. Select the required Measure in Select a Field drop-down menu (here Overall Score).

  2. Select the required operator.

  3. Select the required filter range.

  4. Click APPLY.

  5. Click RUN.

Fiilter maeasure score.gif

  1. Inline filters for Measure data: You can now apply filters on an individual measure or Measure group in the Mass Edit Report. You can filter data of a measure to view only the Red scores in that Measure or NA scores of that measure. You can also search for stale scores of a Measure or Measure Group.

To apply a filter on Measures in a Mass Edit report:

  1. Click the search bar for the required measure or Measure group.

  2. Select the required score.

  3. Press enter key.

Filter Scorecard score.gif

  1. Server side Sorting: You can sort the data for any column of the Mass Edit report, in ascending or descending order. This is a server side sorting and all the records present in the dataset (not just those displayed in the report) are sorted in either ascending or descending order. To sort the data, click the required column name.

sort data.gif

Create a Scorecard Mass-edit Report on Fact Object

  1. Navigate to Administration > Analytics > Report Builder; then click +REPORT.
  2. From the Select data source drop-down box, navigate to MDA Data section and select a scorecard fact object.
  3. From Custom Reports drop-down list, select Scorecard Mass Edit.
  1. Click + icon next to Show me to include the appropriate fields for your scorecard mass edit view. You may also include any filters, if required.


  • The relationship name link, if any, would automatically link to R360.
  • The Account name link, if any, would automatically link to C360.

Also, you can edit a manual score when the report is rendered, as shown in the below image.

  1. Enter an appropriate report name and save the report.
  2. Add the saved report to a dashboard.


  • When Custom Reports > Scorecard Mass Edit option is selected, the scorecard fact object in the Show me field reveals measures associated with it, along with Account ID and Relationship ID.
  • Otherwise, in the Show me field you would see all fields associated with the scorecard fact object.
  • While generating a report, you must select at least one attribute from the Account or Relationship field.
  • You cannot add a By field if the Scorecard Mass Edit option is selected.

View Score Comments

Admins and end users can view the comments associated with measures in both the report builder and dashboards, by clicking the settings gear > Chart Options > Show Comments ON.


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