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Migrating Scorecards 2.0 using Cross-Org

Using the Cross-org Migration tool, you can move Scorecards 2.0 configurations, schema and metadata from one org to another.  This article provides an overview of the process. Refer to Cross-org Migration for more information.

As part of the migration process, a new Scorecard will be created in the target org based on the Scorecard in the source org. As such, it will not impact existing rules tied to other scorecards. The migration tool will take around 1-2 minutes for moving a single Scorecard 2.0 configuration.

Note: Currently there is a known issue where fields are missing from the target org's Scorecard Fact object after what appeared to be a successful migration of Scorecard 2.0 data. This issue is being worked on by our product team and we will provide further updates as they become available.


  • The target org must have Scorecards 2.0 configured before migration can occur.
  • Data sync must be completed within both the Source Org and Target Org to sync the GS Relationship object with Scorecards 2.0. You can use GS Connect for the sync process.
  • The admin must complete the Scorecard initialization process in the Target org before the migration process. 
  • Before migrating Scorecards 2.0, the target org must have the same scoring schemes as the source org.

Migrate 2.0 Scorecards

  1. Navigate to Administration > Migration.
  2. Authenticate a target org and proceed through the MDA Schema and Meta Data steps.
  3. In the Assets step, select Scorecard 2.0 as the Asset Type list.
  4. (Mandatory) Select an Entity Type. The scorecards associated with the entity type appears in the mapping screen.
  5. Select the required scorecards from this screen and click Next.


  • While moving Scorecards 2.0, the related measures will be migrated automatically.
  • When you migrate a relationship to a target org, the associated Scorecards will also be migrated automatically. But the migration of those scorecards will fail if the data sync did not occur using GS Connect.


Migrate Scorecard 2.0 Measures: You can transfer scorecard 2.0 measures using the Migration tool. While transferring measures, the migration tool will either auto-match measures of the same name between the source and target org, or create a new measure if a match is not found in the target org.

  1. Navigate to Administration > Migration.
  2. Authenticate a target org and proceed through the MDA Schema step.
  3. Select an entity from the Entity Type drop-down.
  4. In the Target Value column, select Insert as New or map with the existing field. 

Note: If the account scorecard and relationship scorecard both have measures with the same names, they will not be auto-mapped because they belong to two different entities. In this scenario, you will see the Insert as New option in the mapping area. This use case applies to Scorecards 2.0 migration as well.

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