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FAQ - Admin Office Hours

Details for scheduled sessions can be found in the Admin Office Hours section of the Gainsight Community.

What’s the goal for these sessions?

  • Review and answer questions submitted by our Admins 
  • Build understanding of the Rules Engine and Reports, as well as other more technical areas of Gainsight
  • Present tips and tricks which may not be well-known or obvious

Who are these sessions for?

  • All levels of Admins Level Admins 

What are the Session Guidelines?

  • For the best results, please submit questions in advance In-session - questions may be asked and we’ll unmute and discuss
  • For general Q&A we'll target 5 minutes per question
  • This will help us to get to everyone If we have more time, we'll extend!


  • While we will attempt to answer all questions, we are limited on time
  • We’ll work in a demo environment, so this may not match everyone’s individual environment

Who’s Leading the Discussion?

  • Subject Matter experts from Gainsight's Onboarding and Support teams will be present to answer your questions

What’s the Format?

  • Review the session agenda (the topics we’ll cover)
  • Discuss topic(s) in detail
  • General Q&A

How can I make these great?

  • If you have questions, please contribute them in advance of each session
  • We’ll review and plan our sessions around those we feel are good for the 
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