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Onboarding for Other CRMs

If your organization uses a CRM other than SFDC to store customer data, you will follow a slightly modified onboarding process as outlined below. Gainsight's Onboarding team will work with you to install and load your customer data into Gainsight. We'll start by provisioning a Gainsight instance for you and will then integrate your CRM data through tried and tested integration methods.

We recommend that Gainsight Admins register for and complete Admin 101. This online course will help you answer the questions: “Where do I start? What do I need to know to set up Gainsight for my team?” Our goal is to help you quickly ramp up to be an effective member of your Customer Success team. We also recommend joining the Gainsight Community, where you can post product questions and ideas.

You'll use the following articles and templates to gather your customer data and ultimately configure Gainsight:

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