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Onboarding Step 3: Business Processes

A. Email Templates

Resource to complete: Gainsight Administrator/Business Owner


Scaling your Customer Success team is easier with Gainsight. Use key pieces of data, like renewal dates and key usage metrics, to automatically identify and email your customers with well-timed messages. During onboarding, we will help you configure customer outreach for four common scenarios: Welcome a new customer, upcoming renewal, upcoming business review, and NPS® survey invitation.

Download Email Templates:

If you plan to use Journey Orchestrator (strongly recommended):

Please download the following Survey template from Gainsight Vault:

Download the following Email templates from Gainsight Vault:

If you plan to use Gainsight Email Service:

  • If you are using Gainsight's Survey Module but not sending the survey via Journey Orchestrator, create the template in SFDC and save it under JBARASurveyTemplate (directions for this can be found below)
  • If you are sending emails via Gainsight's rules engine, save the SFDC template in the GSEmailTemplates folder

Create three new email templates in the Salesforce Email Communications folder named GSEmailTemplates. The article, Gainsight Email Templates with Tokens will walk you through how to create a template and insert a token.

Clone the Gainsight Survey Template in the JBaraSurveyTemplate folder. Then edit your cloned email to include your specific language inviting customers to take the survey. It is critical that you retain the tokenized hyperlink.



You can also find these email templates on Gainsight Go:

B. Approve NPS® Survey Questions


Gainsight provides a pre-built NPS® Survey that you may use or modify to fit your business objectives and corporate tone.  Review the pre-built survey or document the questions you would like to include in your NPS® Survey and we will create your first survey during onboarding.

Best Practice:

Use the NPS® Survey Overview and Best Practices deck to learn more about best practices for conducting surveys.

C. Finalize CTAs and Playbooks


Playbooks are a collection of Tasks which may be used to provide helpful information, links to templates, and drive consistent response tactics to business drivers. As part of Gainsight onboarding, your Project Manager will be reaching out to you and your team to schedule a Strategy Session that will help you identify which lifecycle, risk, and opportunity/expansion CTAs and Playbooks you should set up in Gainsight during onboarding.

Best Practice:

Playbooks are most successfully adopted when they contain 2 - 5 Tasks, and may be worked from start to finish within 3 weeks. Check Gainsight Vault for more information.


Your Project Manager will reach out to you about setting up this strategy session and will also provide you with a Playbook Workbook template during your strategy session.

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