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Introducing Gainsight In-app Guides


Gainsight designs and deploys in-app guides directly in the Gainsight user interface. These guides highlight new features, drive recommended behavior, and provide in-context support. Contextual, personalized guidance provides help when and where it’s needed, simplifies the user experience, and improves overall usability. Guides may be addressed to end users and/or Admins in Gainsight.

Gainsight displays multi-step walkthrough guides, new feature announcements, and explanatory tooltips in the app. Guides are deployed to address the following goals:

  • Introduce new or under-utilized existing features, and encourage adoption
  • Support new Gainsight users or customers 
  • Help reduce support questions/tickets
  • Improve product experience

Help Center

The Help Center icon is available on every page in Gainsight to access Documentation, in-app Walkthrough Guides, and What’s New Guides. In the Documentation section, you can search for an article from Gainsight Go, as well as view suggested articles based on the page you're on in the Gainsight app. When you click a specific walkthrough guide, it navigates you to the page where this guide is deployed. What’s New contains feature announcements for the most recent Gainsight release. 


In some cases, Gainsight will automatically display a guide (one time only) on a specific page in the app, to help guide product usage. At this time, guides and the guide center can not be disabled. Gainsight will display guides for specific kinds of users and potentially based on product usage in the future. 

Types of In-app Guides

You can see the following in-app guides in Gainsight. Guides may contain hyperlinks that navigate you to documentation for more detailed information.

  1. Banner guides: These appear across the top or bottom of the page and do not interrupt the user’s workflow. They’re helpful for brief new feature announcements or to solicit feedback (polls and surveys). Following image shows the Banner guide on the Timezone standardization.


  1. Tooltip guides: These are anchored to a target element within the application (field, menu, information/help icon). These are most commonly used for highlighting or explaining an element or feature. These tooltips may appear automatically from the UI element or by hovering / clicking on the UI element. Following image shows the tooltip on the Global Filter for Dashboards.

  1. Lightbox guides: These are centered on the page and prevent the user from seeing/using features in the background page. They’re commonly used for announcements, such as outages or major new feature releases. Users can click either the X or DISMISS button to see/use the features in the background page. Following image shows the lightbox for Introducing Scorecards 2.0.

  1. Walkthrough Guide: It is a combination of the guide types and includes multiple steps as a sequence of instructions. They’re often used for new user onboarding, or to walk users through a challenging task or workflow. It also offers the Next / Back buttons to move between the steps. Following images show a series of steps in a walk through guide for Programs.

Step 1:


Step 2:

The steps continue till the walk through process ends.


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