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Gainsight Inc.

Admin Training

Elearning Courses

If you're a new Gainsight Admin or if you're interested in learning more about a particular Gainsight application or feature, then we recommend you start with our self-paced Admin application online training. 
Excluding "Admin - Foundations", which is the starting point for new admins to learn about the overall solution, all of the remaining courses start with the word Admin and are followed by a Gainsight application like Journey Orchestrator or Surveys, for example.  
Each session includes information about that application as well as exercises and a short quiz.  

Instructor Led Training

If you’re a new Admin, or there’s an area that’s new to you such as Data Designer or Adoption Explorer, we strongly recommend signing up for live classes! These are an excellent hands-on learning experience that you'll want to take advantage of after completing the above self-paced learning.

Each class is between 2 and 4 hours and offered approx. once every 5 weeks. In each session, you’ll learn from a Gainsight expert how to, best practices, and tips and tricks. The classes are focused on practical application, and include hands-on exercises along with access to a NXT training org. (The training org remains active for 60 days after course completion to allow for followup.)

Registration for each class closes two Fridays prior to training to allow time for provisioning training orgs.

If you have any questions, email

Admin Certification

We also offer Gainsight Admin certification! Click here to learn more.
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