This article describes how to create a rule that will track sponsor changes, and notify your CSMs of changes through a Call to Action. We utilize a Vault asset which you can customize to suit your business requirements. CSMs will be notified within 24-48 hours of changes to their sponsor’s status.

Download Vault Asset

Download this rule from Vault:

Rule Configuration

  • Show field:
    • Account::Id
    • Account::Created By ID
    • Account::CSM
    • SponsorTrackingHistory::Account Name
    • SponsorTrackingHistory::Contact Name
    • SponsorTrackingHistory::ChangedAttribute
    • SponsorTrackingHistory::PreviousValue
    • SponsorTrackingHistory::NewValue
    • SponsorTrackingHistory::CreatedDate
  • Filters:
    • SponsorTrackingHistory::ChangedAttribute  equals  title
    • SponsorTrackingHistory::Created Date  greater or equal  Add N Days to Rule Date  (-1)
    • SponsorTrackingHistory::Created Date  less than  Rule Date
    • SponsorTrackingHistory::ChangedAttribute  equals  company
    • SponsorTrackingHistory::ChangedAttribute  equals location
  • Logic: (A or D or E) and B and C
    • This ensures that a CSM will be notified if any one of the following are changed with their sponsor: company, title, location

Click NEXT.


Action Setup: Call to Action

  • Navigate to Setup Action within the same rule
  • Action Type  Call To Action
    • Name: Sponsor Tracking Notification
    • Priority: Red
    • Reason: Exec Sponsor Change
    • Type: Risk
    • Playbook: Loss of Business Sponsor playbook (Reminder: Download this from Vault)
    • Default Owner: Account::CSM
    • Comments: Add tokens (by typing @ to see the options available) to create an automated message to your CSM 
  • We recommend scheduling this on a daily basis

Working on Challenge B7?

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