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Sponsor Tracking Help and FAQs

Sponsor Tracking Help and FAQs

I don't see any contacts when I click + SPONSOR.

To see contacts in the Track Contacts list, you should first add the contacts information to Contacts object in that particular Salesforce Account. Once the contacts are added, you can see the list of contacts associated with that account, when you click + SPONSOR.

Can I edit the contact’s information after I start Sponsor Tracking?

Once you start tracking a contact, you can edit the contact’s information only after you UNLINK the sponsor. Click the pencil icon in the Action column if you need to edit the contact's details in Salesforce. You can again track the contact after the changes are made. For more information on how to edit the Sponsor’s details, refer to How to Use Sponsor Tracking.

Can I add multiple sponsors to one account?

Yes, you can add multiple sponsors to a single account.

How can I add a field to the Sponsor Tracking section that will allow my CSMs to view from C360?

This can be achieved by configuring sponsor tracking section from Administration > C360 Layouts > Edit Layout > Configure Sponsor Tracking Section.

There are few limitations here:

  • You can add a maximum of 4 fields to Sponsor Tracking section
  • The fields displayed on the Sponsor Tracking card can be configured, but the labels on the card are hardcoded and will always display the standard labels

For more information on how to configure sponsor tracking section, refer to Configure Sponsor Tracking.

How can I notify my CSM about the change in Sponsor’s status?

Using Rules Engine, you can trigger CTAs to your CSMs when there is a change in Sponsor’s status. The details of the change are captured in the Changed Attribute of the Sponsor Tracking History. However, if you would like to include the change related information on the CTA, navigate to Setup Action within the same rule, in the Comments section, we recommend that you type @, and include the Contact Name as a token. Including the contact's name as a token means your CSMs can see whose contact information may have changed directly in the Call to Action. For more information on this, click here.

How can I send out an email to all my Sponsors whose Title is VP?

You can create a power list from Journey Orchestrator > Power Lists  and add the following criterias as shown in the following image, these criterias will filter the Sponsor tracking status and Title.

  • Criteria 1: Sponsor Tracking::Status | equals | Tracking
  • Criteria 2: Contact::Title | equals | VP

After the power list is created as per your requirement, you can execute an outreach from Journey Orchestrator > Outreaches.

To learn more on how to create a Journey Orchestrator Power list, click here.

To learn more on how to execute an Journey Orchestrator Outreaches, click here.

Powerlist Filtering.png

How can I create a Report that displays Sponsors with their Titles?

Sponsor Tracking object in Reporting doesn’t carry contact Title with it, but it has a lookup to the Contact object through contact ID field.

To create a Report which displays Sponsor’s Titles:

  1. Create a Data Space and add the Title field from Contact object to Sponsor Tracking object as shown in the following image. To learn more on how to create Data Spaces, click here.

Data Spaces_Reporting.png

  1. Build a Report using the Data Space created, as shown in the following image. To learn more on how to build reports, click here.

Reporting in Sponsor Tracking.png

How can I discontinue from tracking a Sponsor?

You can discontinue tracking of a contact by clicking the UNLINK button.  

Why can’t I find a contact’s information through suggested search?

It's possible that your contact may not be found for various reasons. In this case:

  1. Click Enter a LinkedIn URL, to manually paste in the contact URL. When entering a manual url to track, you should always use the url on the contact's Linkedin profile. Using a url from a search result will not work.
  2. Click search and one of two things will happen:
    1. You will be presented with a list of profiles that match. Click the card to select one.
    2. No match will be found for that contact, and tracking will show a Pending state. Gainsight is searching across publicly available social networks to obtain the contact's latest info. Once Gainsight is able to find those profiles (possibly in a few days), the contact appears with button "View Matches”.

Occasionally, the contact's LinkedIn URL cannot be pasted because their LinkedIn profile is private or they're a premium member and cannot be tracked. Also, the email address on the contact record in Salesforce must match their LinkedIn profile; otherwise, we cannot track that contact when hitting the "track contact" button. In this case, enter the contact's LinkedIn URL to find that contact. Use the LinkedIn URL that is listed on their profile page.
For more information on this, click here.


  • If a LinkedIn URL has special characters (like "-"), it won't be picked up automatically. However, you can submit requests to Customer Support to have those contacts added manually.
  • URL does not start with either "https://linkedin"; or https://in.linkedin: use the public URL found on the contacts profile (not a google search redirect link).


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