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Sponsor Tracking Overview

Sponsor Tracking Overview

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Sponsor tracking enables your CSMs to keep a close watch on their key customer contacts, so they can be alerted when there is a change in the sponsor's status at the company. Sponsor tracking monitors popular Social media sites including Linkedin, Facebook and Google+ and then notifies the CSM about the changes in the contact's profile, specifically when there is a change in their job title, location and company. The notification (a number displayed next to the sponsor tracking section name on the left of the page) appears as shown in the following image, when there is a change in Sponsor’s profile.

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The advantages of using Sponsor Tracking include:

Flag changes for executive departures

Automatically monitor advocate departure and get notified with a call to action. Take suitable action with a prescribed playbook to mitigate this risk.

  • Monitor role, title, location and organization of your executive sponsor or key user
  • Apply Rules and get notified with a Call to Action on executive departure directly from the Cockpit.
  • Individuals without a 3rd degree or closer connection can also be monitored.

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Capitalize on opportunities and monitor gaps

Reach out to your erstwhile champion/sponsor in their new role or organization for introductions. Display aggregated information on Sponsor Tracking across customers.

  • Connect with your outgoing sponsor for potential opportunity to sell your solution in her new role.
  • Track changes and report across thousands of accounts and individual roles.
  • Easily identify gaps of sponsors in key accounts, and take action to close these gaps.

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Click here for a short intro video to Sponsor Tracking.

Sponsor Tracking can be added as a section on the Customer 360 page and the Relationship 360 page.

Customer 360 > Sponsor Tracking

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Sponsor Tracking section in the Customer 360 allows you to select the relevant contacts you want to track. You can track multiple contacts for a single account. You have the ability to edit, update and unlink the tracked contacts.

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