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Overview of Solutions Marketplace

IMPORTANT: Solution Marketplace is now a community-enhanced customer success technology called Gainsight Sightline Vault which is a one-stop-shop for accessing pre-configured solutions from Gainsight and the Gainsight community. Sightline Vault helps you effectively utilize Gainsight features and incorporate best practices into your Gainsight instance with the click of a button. Learn more.

To make data, tasks, or workflows across the customer success tech stack easier to connect, Gainsight recommends you upgrade your production org to Gainsight release v6.15 or higher. The Solution Marketplace feature is completely replaced with the enhanced Sightline Vault feature.

When you’re ready to upgrade, please contact and include your Salesforce Org ID. Our support team will work with you to perform the upgrade. (Note: Please allow 2 business days lead time.)


This article introduces Gainsight’s Solutions Marketplace feature.

Advantage of Solutions Marketplace

Gainsight’s Solutions Marketplace provides access to pre-configured solutions that help you effectively utilize Gainsight features and incorporate best practices into your Gainsight instance with the click of a button. This not only allows you to see value faster but significantly reduces the amount of time and effort your team spends setting up/configuring Gainsight. A simple algorithm automatically configures a predefined set of assets – such as Reports, Rules or Scorecards – which your admin can select and deploy in a matter of minutes. Admins can easily update or adjust this configuration after the asset has been deployed if needed.

Components of Solutions Marketplace

The Solutions Marketplace consists of two main components; Elements and Packages. 


Elements are Gainsight’s prescriptive processes based on hundreds of implementations and decades of experience in company-wide Customer Success. Each Element in Solutions Marketplace consists of Rules, Reports, Programs, Scorecard Measures, and so on. When you deploy an Element, all the related Gainsight assets are automatically created in your Gainsight instance. Your data is put to work immediately. 

For example, see the configuration assets in the Customer Health Element. When you deploy this Element, all the assets within it are automatically created. You can choose to skip some assets.



A Package is a set of pre-configured assets that helps you easily and more effectively leverage data from external solutions within Gainsight. Similar to Elements, the assets within a Package can be selected and deployed within your Gainsight instance with the click of a button. Gainsight offers Packages for various applications such as Zendesk, Hubspot, Freshdesk, Trustradius, and so on. 

For example, our TrustRadius package provides pre-built rules and reports, which allow you to more effectively analyze data from TrustRadius within Gainsight.

Details of Elements and Packages

This section explains in detail about the Elements and packages used in Solutions Marketplace.

Solutions Marketplace is a Gainsight feature that instantly puts your data to work, allowing you to leverage the value of Gainsight features with just the click of a button. Solutions Marketplace has two main components: Elements and Packages. Elements and Packages contain the same types of assets. Elements are focused on best practice workflows in Gainsight, and Packages provide additional workflows based on external applications This article explains the components of the Elements and Packages in Solutions Marketplace. 


Elements are Gainsight’s best practice solutions. Each Element is a prescriptive workflow for combining people, process, and the Gainsight platform to solve Customer Success business challenges.

Gainsight has defined 14 Elements of Customer Success.


To learn more about the Gainsight elements, refer to this blog.


While Elements focus on Gainsight’s internal assets, Packages help you leverage external applications. Each Package, just like Elements, has a pre-configured set of Gainsight assets. To deploy a Package, you must have data that supports the application which the package refers to. 

For example, to deploy the TrustRadius package, your product must be registered with TrustRadius, and data about your customer’s TrustRadius reviews must be ingested to Gainsight. Once this is done, you can deploy the TrustRadius Package to create Gainsight assets which help you to effectively utilize data about your customer’s reviews.


Package Types

Currently, Gainsight offers five types of Packages:

  • Support Solutions: These Packages cover applications that create customer tickets. The tickets may be questions, issues, or complaints about your product. Zendesk, Servicenow, Salesforce Service Cloud are some of the Packages offered in this category. 
  • Product Reviews: These Packages cover applications that track customer reviews and ratings of your product. TrustRadius and G2 Crowd are the Packages in this category.
  • Survey Solutions: These Packages cover applications that allow you to create and send surveys to your customers and record customer responses. Survey Monkey and Qualtrics are the Packages in this category.
  • Education and Training: These Packages cover applications that promote learning and development. Skilljar, Learndot, and Litmos are the Packages in this category. 
  • AE Solutions: These Packages cover applications that track usage data. This data is merged with Gainsight AE. Mixpanel and Segment are the packages in this category.

Components of Elements/Packages

Although Elements refer to Gainsight-focused workflows and Packages refer to external applications, their components are the same in Solutions Marketplace. This section explains the four components of a Solution/Package. 


The Overview section introduces the Element or Package. You’ll find the Purpose and the Business Workflow of the Element. Similarly, for a Package, this section describes how the Package can be useful to you in achieving Customer Success.

Overview section.GIF

Tech Resources

The Resources section displays all of the deployment-related information about the Element/Package. You’ll find documents to support your in deploying the Element/Package, such as:

  • Deployment Instructions: A set of guidelines to be followed pre- and post-deployment. 
  • Object Glossary and Sample Files: Shows the data model of the Element/Package, such as and the list of objects and their associated fields which will be created. 
  • Configuration Slides: A slide deck that explains the assets in detail and how they relate to each other. 
  • Asset Configuration Details: A spreadsheet listing the assets. 

For an Element, the Resources section displays the Element Definition document, which contains comprehensive information about the Element.

Tech resource.png

Config Assets

An “asset” is a specific configuration of a Gainsight feature. Assets are the backbone of an Element or Package. When you deploy an Element or a Package, the selected assets are automatically created in your Gainsight org. Rules, Reports, Objects and Fields, and Programs are some of the assets which can be found in an Element or a Package. You can select to install all of the assets or a subset of them. 

The number of assets (Rules, Reports, etc.) that will be created after deploying an Element or Package is displayed next to the name of the Asset in the left pane.

Config assets.png

In the above image, the Package has 9 types of assets. The Objects and Fields have 4 assets; this implies that if you deploy this Package, four new Objects/Fields are created in your Gainsight org. To know which four Objects/fields, just click the Objects and Fields menu item. 

Activity History

The Activity History section displays the logs related to deployment of the Element or Package. This section has four fields:

  • Name: The Name of the Element or Package.
  • Status: The current status of the deployment. This can be In Queue, Completed, or Failed.
  • Owner: The User who started the deployment.
  • Start Date: The date on which the deployment started.

You can click the arrow in the right corner for a log to view the results in detail. You can also download the results. Only Logs with Status of Failed or Completed can be expanded. You can also search for an activity log in the search bar at the top right corner.


The following image represents a typical workflow to use the Solutions Marketplace feature:



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