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Gainsight Inc.

Sharing Overview

Share customer insight to align the stakeholders of your customer, partner or vendor on a single source of truth. Gainsight Sharing enables everyone involved in an account to coordinate and prioritize their actions around a unified understanding of health. Stakeholders can access a Shared 360 view or Dashboard via a web page for easy access outside of the Gainsight application.

Visibility for Cross-functional Teams

With Gainsight Sharing, cross-functional teams and external partners can have a common understanding of the customer and collaborate towards achieving key customer goals. Gainsight consolidates multiple sources of data such as your CRM, support system, financial system, survey tool or custom database to provide a one-stop data shop for customer-facing teams.

Use Sharing to:

  • Collaborate with internal teammates: Use Shared360 to share important customer or partner information such as customer health, open risk or opportunity alerts, survey responses or account metrics with your cross-functional teams to align on desired customer outcomes to prepare for an upcoming renewal.

  • Better enable channel partners: Share a customer dashboard with Channel Partners to enable them to better manage their portfolio by mitigating risks, executing strategic goals, and capitalizing on expansion opportunities.

  • Keep Executives Informed: Use Shared360 to brief executives on important customer metrics and goal progress before they meet with your strategic customers.

Shared360 (Sample)


Shared Dashboard (Sample)

shared dashboard.png

To control who can access Gainsight Sharing, the Admin can choose to set for secure access:

  • Add an optional One Time Password (OTP)
  • Set an expiration timeframe
  • Restrict to certain IP addresses for additional security

Additional Sharing Resources

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