Full Gainsight users whom your Gainsight Admin has given Gsnap access. There are 2 types of users: ‘Users’ and ‘Admins’. Users can only see their own Gsnap videos. Admins can see all Gsnaps created by other users.

Does the recipient need to download anything to view the Gsnap?

No. Recipients just click a link within an email to view the Gsnap.

How do you know if a Gsnap was viewed?

End users can review Gsnap statistics on the Gsnap tab to see sent Gsnaps, open rates, view rates, and ‘thanks’ rates.  End users can also enable email notifications for when recipients have viewed or sent a ‘thanks’ to a Gsnap. (Click the notifications icon on any page.)

Can we report on which Gsnaps received the most views across our org?

Admins can build reports on the Email Logs object and filter for Use Case = GSNAP in the Report Builder.

Can I send a Gsnap to more than one person? What's the limit?

Yes, you can enter or select multiple email addresses to send a Gsnap to. You can also paste in a list of email addresses separated by semi-colons (no spaces in between addresses). Although there's no limit, think of this as a more personal email. You likely don’t want to send the same Gsnap to too many people at once.

Can recipients share Gsnaps with other people?

Yes, recipients can forward Gsnaps to others.

If I send the Gsnap to multiple contacts at once, can they see each other's email addresses in the "To" line?

No. Recipients cannot see each other's emails addresses.

How long can recipients view Gsnaps?
Admins set the number of days that the Gsnap link will be active before expiring (default is 60 days). CSMs can change the expiration date, but this cannot exceed the maximum number of active days that the Admin set.
What's the character limit for the notes section of a Gsnap?

254 characters

What's the size limit for Gsnap file attachments?

There is a limit of 5 file attachments, and each can be no larger than 5MB.

Can I test a Gsnap before sending?

Yes. Use the Send Test Email option.

Can I configure/customize the Gsnap landing page?

Admins can choose the background and text color, and can also add your company logo.  End Users cannot make any edits to the layout, but can add in notes and attachments to personalize the Gsnap.

Can end users customize the Gsnap email template?

No. The email is configured by the Admin.  

Can Admins leverage tokens in the Gsnap email?

Yes, there are four tokens available: First Name, Last Name, Gsnap title, and Gsnap link.

Can I choose the preview shot that shows in the Gsnap email?

Yes. One image is captured every 5 seconds that you're recording. We recommend starting your recording by smiling, so you will have a good preview shot available.

Can you re-use previous ‘Distribution lists’ for Gsnaps?

Not currently. But you can paste in email addresses separated by semi-colons.

Can we remove any Gsnap branding?

Yes, anywhere you see ‘Gsnap’ in the default email template can be replaced.

Can you change the Gsnap expiration date after the Gsnap was sent?


Does Gsnap integrate with Journey Orchestrator?

Although Gsnap and Journey Orchestrator are not fully integrated at this time, we do have a fairly simple workaround that enables you to send Gsnaps via Journey Orchestrator, or with Email Assist Tasks. For more information, refer to the Send Gsnaps Using Journey Orchestrator or Email Assist Tasks article.

Can Gsnaps be synced with SFDC activities?

Not currently.

Can Gsnaps be tied to Accounts in Gainsight/ SFDC?

Not currently.

What's the difference between Program, standard Outreaches, Email Assist, and Gsnap functionality?

For information on how Email Assist, standard Outreaches, Programs, and Gsnap compare to one another, and their available functionality, refer to this table