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Report Analyzer Admin Guide

Report Analyzer scans all the Reports in the Object and provides insights to improve performance.

Perform the following steps to open Report Analyzer:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Analyzer > [click on the Report Analyzer icon on the left slider].


This opens the Report Analyzer screen with a quick view summary of the Dashboards and Reports arranged in tiles at the top of the screen, including the number of Dashboards, total number of Reports, total number of MDA Reports, and total number of SFDC Reports in the Org.

2.MDA reports.png

  1. Scroll down to the Dashboards and Reports section containing the analysis of the Reports. This section has the list of Dashboards, Reports, Source, Created and Modified Dates, Created By and Modified By.


  1. Click any Name to navigate to the Report Builder page in the application to make changes if required.

4.Click any name.gif

  1. Go back to the Dashboards and Reports section, at the end of each row, there is a Scan icon.
  2. Click on the Scan icon.

5.Scan Icon.png

Clicking on the Scan icon displays a window containing a detailed analysis of the Dashboard, including the Reports (in that specific Dashboard), Created Date, Modified date, Created By and Modified By and Warnings.

If the Dashboard’s performance can be optimized further a Warning is displayed which describes the improvement area.

  1. Click on the expand icon beside each warning message. This provides a deep dive on the cause and how it can be corrected. The following image shows the Uses “Contains/Does not contain” filter warning.


If there are no warnings, a message to that effect is displayed as shown in the following image.

7.following image.png

  1. Scroll down to the Dashboard & Reports Audit Stats section. This section contains a graphical representation of all the Reports created in the preceding 30 days period. The following image shows an example of a graph that contains the number of Reports created on 10-16-2018. Hovering over a date in the graph will open a quick view of the number of Reports created/modified on that date.

8.On the data.png

  1. Click on the date for a more detailed view of the Reports created on that specific date. This data includes, Report Name, Type, Created Date, Modified date, Created By, modified By and the Scan icon. the Scan icon.png

  1. Scroll down to the next section that contains Reports Per Object and Reports Not in Dashboards. The Reports Per Objects section contains the names of the Objects along with the number of Reports in each of those Objects.


  1. Click on the number of the Reports to access a window that has a detailed view of each of the Reports in that specific Object. This window lists out the Reports by name, Created Date, Modified date Created By, and Modified by. If the Object has a large number of Reports, the User can type the name of the required Report in the search box to access the Report.


  1. Go to the Reports Not in Dashboards section. This section lists out all the Reports that are not linked to a Dashboard, along with the Created Date and Created By Information. Clicking on a Report’s Name, opens the report in Report Builder in a separate tab.

12.Separate Tab.png

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