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Knowledge Center Bot

This article introduces and explains the Knowledge Center Bot.


Knowledge Center Bot is an on-boarding assistant that guides users in learning your product. The Bot contains links to engagements and external URLs in order to effectively onboard new users as well as educate existing users. The goal of knowledge center bot is to allow users to see the list of all engagements in one place for quick and easy reference. This improves your customer satisfaction by increasing accessibility to in-app experiences. 

Use Knowledge Center

To use the knowledge center bot:

  1. Click the Knowledge Center Bot icon on the left pane to open the bot configuration page.


Note: Ensure that the In-App engagements to be used in Knowledge Center Bot has the Triggered By field set to Knowledge Center.


Note: Apart, from Knowledge Center,  you can choose to trigger the engagement automatically as well. For a Guide engagement, you can choose to trigger the engagement from Badge as well, apart from the Knowledge Center and Automatic options.


If engagements are created and linked to knowledge center bot, Content page displays as below.


A list of all engagements is displayed in the content page, regardless of the engagement status whether it is Active, Deactive, Paused, Editing, etc.

 Also, you can group these in-app engagements under specific category by creating a name in the Category column. For Example, if you have engagements related analytics, create a category with name Analytics and then you can group all the engagements which come under Analytics.

  1. Select the checkbox(es) of the required engagement to start building a widget.


If multiple In-App engagements are added, these can be reordered simply by dragging and dropping as required.


If you want to launch Knowledge Center Bot to a specific audience, you can give a label to engagements under Category column. For Example, New Users, Existing Users, etc.

  1. Enter URL in the Guide Activation URL column to trigger the guide on specific page first. For example, if you want to trigger a guide on URL and you are on URL, Gainsight PX will first navigate you to Guide Activation URL and shows the guide there.


  1. Click Editor. This displays the following page with various options:

  2. In the Settings tab, you can perform the following actions:

    1. Title: Change the Title of the Bot.
    2. Position and Height: Set the Position and height of the Bot.

    3. Header: Set the colors for the header strip.

    4. Content: Set the background and foreground colors for the content.

    5.  Hover: Select the hover color when users hover on the bot.

    6. Activation: Set rules to display your bot on select Gainsight pages.



  1. In the Bot Settings tab, you can perform the following actions:

    1. Bot Badge: Set the style and color, image of the Bot badge.

    2. Close Badge: Set the color, style and background color for the badge close icon.

    3. Speech Bubble: enable the speech bubble and write some text to be displayed to the users.


  1. The feedback tab allows users to give feedback. In the feedback settings tab, you can perform the following tasks:

    1. Enable or disable the feedback tab. Users can select four categories of feedback.

    2. Set a title for the tab.

    3. Set a color for the submit button.

    4. Set Email addresses for Email forwarding.


  1. In the articles search tab, you can perform the following tasks:

    1. Title: Set a title for your knowledge base. 

    2. Docs search Enabled: Select the check box to enable a knowledge base and select one of the integrations. 

    3. Search Results Setting: Set the color for Title and Summary.


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