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Engagement FAQs

In-App Engagement FAQs

Can I trigger an engagement when a certain feature is used OR not used?

Yes. Navigate to Create Engagement > Audience > Choose Product Mapper from list of Trigger Rules available on the right > Choose Feature from the dropdown available > Set your criteria.

Can I stylize the engagements according to our branding?

Yes. Using WYSIWYG editor or CSS Code editor.

Can I preview the engagement before triggering?

Yes. By using Edit Guide In-App OR by clicking on Preview button.

How do I test engagements?

You can do it in either of the following ways:

  • If you have PX Tag installed on your non-production environment, you can create and test engagements on the Non-Prod environment (OR)
  • Use Preview by navigating to Engagements > Editor > Edit in-app > Click on Preview (this will launch the engagement on your web app only as a Preview to you) (OR)
  • Create a Segment. Add Internal users who will be testing the engagement. Navigate to Create Engagement > Audience > Choose ‘Segment’ from the list of Trigger Rules available on the right > Choose your Test User Segment > Trigger the engagement with other criteria in place only to Test Users; (OR)
  • Navigate to Create Engagement > Audience > Choose ‘User’ from the list of Trigger Rules available on the right > Choose email attribute from the dropdown available > Set your email id > Trigger the engagement only to yourself.
Once I set up with Audience Rules for my engagements, what’s the importance of Qualification Scope?

Audience defines “Who” to target, Editor “What" to target, and Qualification Scope “When” to target. For example:

  • Every time a user logs in to your Web app.
  • Every time user triggers the engagement criteria.
  • Using a certain feature or only once in user’s lifetime.
Do you have any documentation explaining how to apply Audience Rules? I think Users, URL, Product Mapper, and Segments are the popular ones.

It's purely depends on the use case. See the following examples:

Users: You can use this rule in Audience when you want to target specific set of users based on their user attributes. For example, User ID, Email ID, Role, etc.

URL: This rule should be used when one wants to trigger engagements on certain pages/ URL’s. “How many times” can be defined under Qualification Scope like every time, only once, and once per visit.

Product Mapper: This rule should be used when one wants to trigger engagements upon certain feature usage by end users. For example, Trigger Engagement XX when feature AB is used/ not used.

Segments: This rule should be used mostly for targeting a specific cohort/ user group. For example, One has created a Segment for “Internal Users” or for “Test Users” or customers who were given training on a certain date. You can then target engagements to this group of users only.

In Qualification Scope, what would “Show 3 times every 2 months mean”?

If the Audience Criteria is met, Show/Attempt Once every 2 months for up to 3 times 'if' engagement is 'not completed' and then stop/die. Will not show a 2nd or third time 'if completed' on 1st or 2nd time.

If there are multiple engagements triggered for a user, where do surveys fall in prioritization?
  1. Slider
  2. Guide

Surveys FAQs

Currently, we are leveraging a SurveyMonkey survey initiated from a Give us your feedback button in our interface. Please note that the URL captures personal information about the user (for example, name, email, role, etc.). Can we mimic the launch of a Gainsight PX Engagement from our Give us your feedback button?
  • You should be able to run a full survey in-app.
  • You can use PX to send emails with a link that contains query parameter (i.e. ?survey=questionaire1) which will trigger the survey as they log-in.
  • Using Survey Monkey:
    • Integrate with survey monkey, you can set a link to the survey and you can also pass user/account parameters through the link by using tokens.
    • Go into code on Engagement Editor and put the token.
    • *The issue here is they won't be able to load the survey results into PX's survey analytics.
How do we capture the personal information elements with Gainsight PX?

You should look at the Analytics/survey performance report to see that they will have the user/account data there.

Is Gainsight PX providing us with a frame that our product page sits within? And is that how we would be able to procure all of the user parameters?

We use Identify Call to track users and account attributes.

Is it necessary to send out all of our surveys through Gainsight? Or can we distribute surveys through other mediums (for example, email) if desired?

You can send surveys in the following possible ways:

  • Using PX In-app NPS®
  • Using in-app engagement to redirect them to Survey Monkey (we do not capture survey response data into PX for this type)
  • Using CS NPS® (data available within CS)
  • Using CS Journey Orchestrator to send survey via emails
  • Using SurveyMonkey: CS is able to capture Survey Monkey response data
Considering the implementation above, is there any specialization that must occur in Gainsight PX’s Audience configuration?

You must ensure to send all relevant User/ Account attributes that you plan on using to trigger the NPS® Survey.

How do we Preview our survey? Once we click the Preview icon, we get an invalid URL message. No matter what URL we enter, no preview is displayed.

If you are getting a URL error it means the URL is wrong, probably a typo on your URL (it's a generic browser error not PX).

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