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Create Dialog Engagemets

This article explains how to create a Dialog engagement in Enablement Engine. Gainsight recommends first refer to the Anatomy of Engagements article before proceeding with this article.


A Dialog engagement is an announcement which is displayed as a lightbox in the middle of a Gainsight page. 


Create Dialog

This section explains the procedure to create a dialog engagement.

To create a dialog engagement:

  1. Click the Engagements section from the left pane. 
  2. Click Create.
  3. Enter a name for the dialog.
  4. Select the Dialog option.
  5. Select your product.
  6. (Optional) Enter a description.
  7. Click Create.


  1. Select a template or create the dialog from scratch.


  1. Add content to the dialog, as required. 
  2. Set the size, background color, and other settings for your dialog. For more information, refer to the Anatomy of Engagements article.


  1. On the third tab, select the background color and position of the dialog.


  1. Click Save.
  2. Click the Preview icon to preview your Dialog.

Note: The Preview option does not work unless the user saves the engagement.


  1. Select the Audience, set the schedule, and launch the dialog. For more information on how to schedule and select the audience, refer to the Anatomy of Engagements article.
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