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Create CES Survey engagements

This article explains how to create a Customer Engagement Score Survey in Enablement Engine. Gainsight recommends you to first refer to the Anatomy of Engagements article and then proceed with this article. 


A Customer Effort Score (CES) survey measures the amount of effort that a customer had to put in, in order to understand and work with a Gainsight feature or module. A CES survey has a Likert Scale rating of 1-7. A Score of either 1, 2, or 3 implies that user had to put High effort while working with the Gainsight module or feature. A Score of 4 or 5 implies that the user had to put Medium effort while working with the product and a score of 6 or 7 implies that user had to put Small effort while working with the product.

Create CES Survey

To create a CES Survey:

  1. Click the Engagements icon from the left pane.
  2. Click Create.
  3. Click the Survey icon. 
  4. Select the CES radio button. 
  5. Select your subscription.
  6. (Optional) Enter a description.
  7. Click Create.


  1. Set the Audience and the Template for the CES survey. Refer to the Anatomy of Engagements article for more information on how to set the Audience and Templates. You can also create a CES survey from scratch, without using any templates.


The CES Survey has three pages;  CES Survey, Feedback, and Thank you page. The CES Survey contains the question of the survey with the options from 1-7. The Feedback page asks users for comments, and the Thanks you page, thanks users for taking the survey.


  1. Modify the content of the Survey as required. 

Configure CES Survey Page

  1. On the second tab, set the color and background color of buttons, selected button, and Corner radius. The All Buttons section represents the color of the button when the survey is displayed to user. The Selected Button displays the color change when a user selects a button (gives a score).


  1. Select the View type as Bar or Dialog.
  2. On the third tab, adjust the Position, Size, Background, Color, and Shadow as required.


Configure Feedback Survey Page

  1. Perform the button color settings as in previous case.
  2. Configure the Submit button as required.
  3. Select Set Comment As Mandatory, to mandate comments.


  1. On the third tab, perform the settings as in previous case.
  2. (Optional) Select the Show Contact Me checkbox.


For the Thank You page, all the configurations are the same as in the above case. On the second tab, you need to configure the Close button. The configurations on third page remain the same.


To learn more about scheduling and launching the engagement, refer to the Anatomy of Engagements article. To learn more about analyzing results of survey, refer to the Engagement Analytics article.

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