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Explore Audience Explorer

This article explains the Audience Explorer feature in Enablement Engine and the various tasks you can perform with this feature.


The Audience Explorer feature lists all the users of your organization who are using the Gainsight product. You can view, search, filter, create bookmarks and export Audience data by using the Audience Explorer feature. This article explains how to perform these tasks.

Audience List View

This section explains the components on the List view and detail view sections of the Audience explorer feature. To access the Audience Explorer list view, click the Audience Explorer icon from the left tab.


You can perform the following basic tasks on the list view:

  • Scroll to view all the attributes

  • View more records on a page (by default, 20 records are displayed).

  • Navigate to the next page to view more results.


You can also perform the following tasks on the list view.

  • Add, Remove and Rearrange attributes in list view: You can alter the order in which various attribute columns are displayed on the list view and also add more attributes or remove existing attributes from the list view.

To add, remove or rearrange:

  1. Click Arrange.

  2. Drag and drop the attributes to change the order.

  3. Select the check box for an attribute, which you wish to add to the list view.

  4. Clear the check box for the attribute which you wish to remove from the list view.

  5. Click Save.



  • If you cannot view the Arrange button, contact your administrator. 
  • You can also search for attributes in the filter bar.

  • Click All to add all the attributes, Clear all to remove all the attributes, and RESTORE DEFAULT to restore the default attributes.


  • Search and set Search Attributes: You can search users from the search bar. You can also set attributes for searching. 

To set search attribute and search:

  1. Click the search drop-down menu and select the check box for the required attributes.
  2. Search the user with any of the attribute selected in the above step.


IMPORTANT: You can search a user with only those attributes whose value is not empty. For example, in the above image, the First Name and Last Name attributes for the searched user were empty. Hence you cannot search this user with first name or last name, even though the first name and last name checkboxes would have been selected. However, you can search for other users for whom these attributes have a value, after selecting the check box in the search drop-down menu.  

Audience Detail View

This section explains the options available in the Audience detail view section. The detail view section displays various facets of the user. 

To access the detail view:

  1. Select the required user.

  2. Click the << icon.

  3. Click Full Profile.


The detail view consists of the following tabs:

  • Details: This tab displays basic user details like Email address, Sign up date, last seen and so on.

  • Attributes: This tab displays the default and custom attributes.

  • Social: This tab displays the Social aspect of the user.

  • Account: This tab displays information about your organization.

  • Feedback: This tab displays any feedback given by the user.

Apart from the above tabs the detail view also displays the following sections:

  • Recent Activity: This section displays the list of recent features (Gainsight pages) accessed by the user.

  • Recent Engagements: This section displays the list of recent engagements viewed by the user.


Apply Filters

This section explains the filters available in the Audience Explorer section and how to use the filters to display only the required list of users. By default, a filter is already applied to display only those users who are Last seen date was less than 30 days. You can remove this filter, if required.

To apply filters: 

  1. Click the << icon.

  2. Click the Filters tab.

  3. (Optional) Click Remove to remove the existing filter.


  1. Click Add filters to add a filter.

  2. Select the parameter based on which you wish to create a filter.

  3. Select an attribute from your parameter and include appropriate operators and values to create a filter criteria.


The above filter criteria displays only those users whose Role is Manager.

  1. (Optional) Click + Add to add multiple attributes for a parameter. 

  2. (Applicable only if the above step is executed) Select AND or OR logic between multiple parameters.

  3. (Optional) Click Add filter to add other parameters.

  4. Click Apply.


Note; If you need to apply some filters permanently, you can create those filters in the My filters section. Filters saved in the My filters section are automatically applied when you visit the Audience Explorer page. The steps to create filters in My filters section are same as discussed above.


Create Bookmarks and Export Data

Once you apply filters and create a list of users as required, you can save this list as a bookmark for future use, instead of applying the filters again. Bookmark saves the filters applied and also the resulting data. You can also export the data as a CSV file. To export data, it is mandatory for you to apply at least one filter.

To create Bookmark and export file:

  1. Apply the required filters.

  2. Click Bookmarks… The Bookmarks window is displayed.

  3. Click Create bookmark.

  4. Enter a name for the bookmark.

  5. Click Add.


You can set a Daily or Weekly report on the Bookmark created. The report is updated based on the selected frequency and mailed to the logged in user’s email, as per the frequency selected.


  1. Click Export CSV to export the report as a CSV file.







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