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Query Builder

This article explains how to use the Query Builder feature in enablement Engine.


Query Builder allows you to get the required specific result, by allowing you to create a query based on your requirements. With Query Builder you can create custom analytics reports without using any query language. You can compare usage across audiences and group results to gain unprecedented insights.

Main use cases

  • You can check which Gainsight page (feature or module) was used by which user and how many times. 

  • Compare Different Audiences: Track specific events and compare any number of different cohorts and behaviors to learn more about specific behavior or validate a specific hypothesis.

  • Group Specific Events or Attributes: You can use the group by functionality to aggregate results based on specific fields

Events and Audience

The Query Builder report has two main components; Events and Audience. The Events section consists of the Gainsight Features and Modules. The Audience section consists of Attributes from the User object. You can apply appropriate filters in both the sections to create a query, as required.  

Where and Group By Clause

The Events and Audience section have a Where and Group By clause. You can apply appropriate attributes in these clauses. The Where Clause searches for a result in a specific attribute. For example, you can have a query which has the Timeline feature as the Event and then a Where clause which has an attribute of Country filtered by United States. So this query looks out for people who viewed the Timeline feature only from that country which was given in the Where clause. 

The Group By clause groups similar values of the selected attribute together. For example, if you select the Group by clause and include the Country attribute, the results are grouped country wise. 

You can use filters in Events and Audience section and add appropriate Where and Group By clauses to build your query.


Create a Query Builder Report

This section explains how to create a Query Builder report. 

  1. Select an event (module or feature) from the Event section.

  2. Select an attribute in the WHERE clause.

  3. Select an attribute in the GROUP BY clause.


  1. Select an attribute in WHERE clause of the Audience section.

  2. Select an attribute in the GROUP BY clause.



  1. Click Apply.

This query returns a list of users who viewed the Cockpit feature from US or India, and whose designation is CSM or Manager. The results are grouped according to country and Role. In the following image E1 and A1 are the Event and Audience queries. You can exclude them from the results if required.


Select Unique Users, Events, or Unique Accounts

You can select to view the Unique users, Events or Unique accounts for a query. If you select Unique users, all unique users who match the query are displayed. If you select Events, all the events matching the query are displayed.

You can also change the duration of the report, or the type of the report from Line chart to Bar chart.







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