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Overview of Analytics

This article introduces the various types of analytics reports supported in Enablement Engine.


Enablement Engine provides you with Analytics data about how your users are using Gainsight CS. You can view reports on Gainsight CS page usage by CSMs, view the analytics data for engagements launched by by you, get adoption reports and so on. 

This article explains introduces the type of analytics reports supported by enablement Engine and the operations which you can perform in the analytics section.

Types of Reports

Enablement Engine supports three types of Reports; Audience Reports, Features Report, and Engagement Reports. 

Audience Reports

The Audience Report helps you to view analytics on how Gainsight CS users are using the product. This section consists of the Query Builder Report. Query builder report allows you to build a custom query by applying conditions on users and events. You can check out which user has accessed which feature or events, and also the number of times the feature or event was accessed.


To learn more about how to create a Query builder report, refer to the Query Builder article.

Features Report

The Features report section displays how effectively Gainsight CS users are using the product. This section displays two reports; Adoption and Path Analyzer. Adoption Report shows the statistics for each Gainsight CS Feature and Module. The Features and Modules are mapped as a product tree in the product mapper. Apart from Feature statistics, you can also track the path traversed by Gainsight CS users by using the Path Analyzer Report.


To learn more about how to create an Adoption Report, refer to the Adoption Report article.

Engagement Report

The Engagement Analytics section displays analytics data on the Engagements launched by you. You can see which Gainsight CS user has viewed which of the engagements launched by you. The Dialog, Slider, and Guide engagement analytics can be found in the In App Performance report. The Email engagement data can be found in the Email Performance report. The Survey analytics can be found in the Survey Performance Report.


To learn more about Engagement reports, refer to the Engagement Analytics article.

Save and Share Reports

This section explains how to save and share analytics reports in Enablement Engine. The saved reports are stored under the MY REPORTS section. Once you save a report, you can share it with other users who have access to Enablement Engine. The reports shared to you by other users are displayed under the SHARED WITH ME section.

To save a report:

  1. Create a report as required.

  2. Click Save as…

  3. Enter a name for the report.

  4. (Optional) Enter a description.

  5. Click Generate.

The report can now be found under the MY REPORTS section.


Note: When you modify a saved report, click Save to update the report with the latest modifications.


To share a report:

  1. Click the Share Report icon. The Share report window is displayed.

  2. Select the check box for the required users.

    Note: Turn the Share with all toggle switch to share the report with all the users.

  3. Click Apply.

The users with whom the report is shared can view your report under the SHARED WITH ME section.



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