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Sentiment Analysis Overview

This article explains how end users can override the sentiments for Posts and Keywords.

Sentiment Overview

The Natural Language Processing (NLP) model in Gainsight reads through all the Survey and Timeline comments and assigns sentiment to each Post and Keyword. 

The following are the types of sentiments assigned:

  • Positive sentiment (indicated by green color)
  • Neutral sentiment (indicated by yellow color)
  • Negative sentiment (indicated by red color)

Override the Sentiment Analysis in CX Center

While the Natural Language Processing (NLP) model assigns sentiments based on multiple factors, you have the ability to modify the assigned sentiment. This feature facilitates users to override the not so correct sentiments and also acts as a continuous feedback to Gainsight’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) model to get trained and improve its accuracy.You can override the sentiment at Post level and Keyword level.
Note: Only owners or users with Edit or Admin privileges to the View can override the sentiment. 

To override the sentiment at Post and Keyword levels:

  1. Navigate to CX Center > Sentiment - Historical Trends.
  2. Click the bar graph to the corresponding month as required.
  3. Click the data from sources Survey and Timeline to perform the override actions.

You can override the sentiment at the following two levels:

  • Post level: In the Post level, the sentiment of the whole Post is considered.
  • Keyword level: In the Keyword level, it tells what is the sentiment of the Keyword mentioned in the Post.

Post Level

To override the sentiment at Post level:

  1. Navigate to the Post whose sentiment is to be altered.
  2. Click Text Sentiment to change the sentiment.
  3. From the popup, select the required sentiment.
  4. Click Save.The Post sentiment is updated.

Keyword Level

To override the sentiment at Keyword level:

  1. Navigate to the Keyword whose sentiment is to be altered.
  2. Click the Keyword and select the sentiment from the popup.
  3. Click Save. The Keyword sentiment gets updated.

Sentiment Override History

For every overridden sentiment, you can view the history and corresponding information of who modified it last and when the modification was made.


Click Reset sentiment to default value to revert the sentiment back to the default one assigned. 
Note: This action clears the associated sentiment override history.

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