Vault assets accessed by clicking the Gainsight Vault icon, will be retired. Our best practice assets can now be accessed from Administration > Sightline Vault. Learn more...


Gainsight Vault is a best practice library of ready-to-use Gainsight Assets (Playbooks, Surveys, CoPilot Templates, Reports and Rules). This extensive collection of Assets allows customers to quickly get the most out of their instance and roll out robust business processes. 

The Gainsight team creates and stores best practice assets in Vault for all of our customers to view and import into their own Gainsight org. There are two easy ways to access Vault assets:

  • Navigate to the asset type location (Surveys, Playbooks, Rules, Report Builder or CoPilot Email Templates), and click the Vault icon
  • Or, click the Vault tab in the SFDC ribbon

Note: At this time, we don't support Email Templates 2.0, Bionic Rules, or Reports on MDA objects in Vault.


Who can access Vault Assets:

  • Gainsight Admins are the intended primary users, however, others can import assets if they currently have permission to create/edit Playbooks, Email templates, and/or Surveys.

  • Other users will only be able to view the content in Vault.

  • IMPORTANT: If you face challenges while accessing Vault assets, you may need to grant the user permissions to the Visualforce Page (JBCXM_Vault).

Vault Use Case Library

Our business operations team organized our Vault assets by use case:

Top 20 Assets That Every Customer Should Download

Perform the following steps to search an Asset by its name using the Global Search field across themes:

1. Navigate to the Vault tab.

2. In the Search drop-down list, search for Assets using keywords (matches are displayed based on the asset title).


3. Click the asset name.

A window containing the Preview and Actions tabs is displayed. 

Asset Links or URLs 

Hover on an asset name, and click the link icon to copy the URL for this asset. You can paste the URL in another browser tab to configure and download the asset.

Note: You must provide your login credentials. Asset links work across SFDC orgs.


Download instructions 

When you try to download an asset, the Preview window appears (refer the following image). The Preview may contain instructions for importing the asset and some assets require some configuration before you can import them into your org. For example, some fields in rule assets may need to be mapped to corresponding fields in your own org.


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