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Vault Use Case Library: Lifecycle

Vault assets accessed by clicking the Gainsight Vault icon, will be retired. Our best practice assets can now be accessed from Administration > Sightline Vault. Learn more...


IMPORTANT UPDATE July, 2019: Vault assets will be retired in the near future, and currently only Playbook and Report assets are compatible with the latest functionality.

This article presents groups of Vault assets that support different customer lifecycle use cases.


How to Kick-Off a New Customer (Sales):
  1. First, let’s add the customer into Gainsight with this rule.
  2. Next, let’s lay a milestone and create a CTA for this new customer with this rule.
    • If you just want to lay a milestone, use this rule.
    • If you just want to create a CTA, use this rule.
  3. Now that you have a CTA, you can use this playbook to start onboarding the customer.
  4. Don’t forget to send the customer a nice welcome email!

How to Kick-Off a New Customer (Customer Success):

  1. In order for Sales to hand the customer off to Customer Success:
    • Follow this playbook.
    • Trigger the CTA for this playbook using this rule.
    • Send this email from Sales to introduce the CSM.

Finally, don’t forget to update the customer’s stage from POC to Kicked-Off with this rule.

Advanced Kick-Off Assets:

  • You can take a look at the details of new customers with this report.
  • You can see upcoming Sales-to-CSM handoffs with this report.
  • You can also add the customer, lay a milestone, and create a CTA all in one step with this rule (based on Won Opportunity).

Onboarding & Go-Live

How to Communicate during Onboarding:

  1. Let’s get started with a pre-implementation workshop. Send the customer this email.
  2. Keep the customer posted with a weekly status update.
    • Is the project delayed? Let them know with this email.

How to Manage the Go-Live:

  1. Let’s plan to roll this out! Lay out the plan with this email.
  2. Let’s start training our end users with this playbook.
    • Here’s a survey for after the training.
  3. Time to go live! Here’s how.
    • If you need a high-touch plan, use this instead.
  4. Congrats, we’re live! Let the customer know with this email.
  5. Time to transition this account to the CSM. Follow these steps.
  6. Let’s make sure everything is good on our end of the system. Do this internal launch.


How to Manage the Post-Launch Customer:

  1. First, set up rules to automate parts of the lifecycle:
    • Update the stage, milestone, and CTA based on closed CTAs with this rule.
    • Load lifecycle dates into Customer Info based on milestones with this rule.
  2. Move the customer from Launched to Adopting once they’ve begun to see value from the product with this playbook.
  3. Send this survey to gauge how they’re doing.
  4. Do an annual and monthly health check-ins.
  5. Conduct EBRs (see EBRs section).
  6. Let’s report on lifecycle milestones by week.

How to Manage Churn:

  1. Follow this playbook when it is clear that a customer will churn.
  2. Send them this survey to get their feedback.

Advanced Post-Launch Assets:

  • Create Anniversary Milestones for the first and following years.
  • Discover customer training needs with this playbook.


How to Manage Renewals:

  1. First, let’s use this rule to create CTAs to remind us about upcoming renewals.
  2. Next, let’s see what actions we need to take with this playbook.
    • One of the tasks is to schedule a renewal discussion with this email.
  3. Finally, let’s close the loop by creating new Renewal Opportunities with this rule.

Advanced Renewals Assets:


When to Upsell:

  1. Did the customer close a round of funding? Maybe this playbook will help.
  2. Does the customer have strong adoption? Give this playbook a shot.
  3. Can we expand to other areas of the business? Follow these steps to success.
  4. Has the customer used most of their assigned licenses? Take action with this playbook.
    • Here’s an email to initiate the discussion.
  5. Here’s a report of open upsell opportunities.

When to Cross-Sell:

  • Use this survey to determine cross-sell opportunities.


How to Create a EBR Cadence:

  1. First, let’s create some CTAs to remind us to set up EBRs.
    • Use this rule to set up the first CTA 150 days after a customer’s OCD.
    • Use this rule to lay a milestone and this rule to create ongoing CTAs 6 months after the last milestone.
  2. Now, let’s figure out what we actually need to do for these EBRs. This playbook tells all.
    • One of the tasks is to schedule the EBR. You should send an email to your customer and to your management.

Want to see all upcoming EBRs? Use this report.

View the complete list of Vault assets.

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