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Vault Use Case Library: Financial Management

Vault assets accessed by clicking the Gainsight Vault icon, will be retired. Our best practice assets can now be accessed from Administration > Sightline Vault. Learn more...


IMPORTANT UPDATE July, 2019: Vault assets will be retired in the near future, and currently only Playbook and Report assets are compatible with the latest functionality.

This article presents groups of Vault assets that support different financial and ROI use cases.


How to Do Financial Reporting:
How to Do Financial Forecasting:
Advanced Financials Assets:
  • You can focus on new business ARR by segment and industry.
  • You can focus on expansion ARR from last quarter with closed upsell ARR.
  • You can track ARR every week by loading it into Usage Data with this rule.
  • You can track ARR:CSM and number of accounts:CSM with this report.
  • You can look at upsell and renewal ARR together with this report.

ROI of Customer Success

How to Measure Your ROI:
  1. First, let's take a look at Renewals. You'll want to check out the ARR from "saves" (at-risk renewals) and "wins" (great improvements).
    • You'll need this rule to load health scores for the assets in #1 and #2.
  2. Next, let's look at Upsells. Check out the ARR from upsell "wins".
    • Want to know how much of this is attributable to Customer Success? Use this report.
  3. Don't forget New Business! You can close New Business ARR with CSM involvement, customer references, customer referral leads, CSM-specific offerings, and repeat buyers.
Advanced ROI Assets:Vault Use Case Library: Risk Management
  • See how much ARR was retained from customers who opted out with this report.
  • See how much ARR was converted from being a POC to a "full" customer with this report.
    • You'll need this rule to save Customer Stage every week.
  • Track the number of advocacy events that occurred from CS-qualified customers with this report.
  • Adapt this survey to ask your customers about their ROI.

View the complete list of Vault assets.

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