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Vault Use Case Library: Email Engagement, Events, and Other

Vault assets accessed by clicking the Gainsight Vault icon, will be retired. Our best practice assets can now be accessed from Administration > Sightline Vault. Learn more...


IMPORTANT UPDATE July, 2019: Vault assets will be retired in the near future, and currently only Playbook and Report assets are compatible with the latest functionality.

This article presents groups of Vault assets that support different email engagement, event, and other use cases.

Email Engagement

How to Manage Email Engagement (CoPilot):
Advanced Email Engagement Assets:
  • You can set up an Email Engagement Scorecard based on CoPilot statistics. Use this rule to clear the scores and this rule to set them.
  • Want to re-engage with your customers? Use this rule to load the dates of the last CoPilot emails you sent to each customer, and use these dates in a Power List to determine who will receive your re-engagement email.


How to Communicate about Events:
  1. Have an event coming up? Follow these steps.
  2. Let’s invite your customers! Here’s a template.
  3. We better send a reminder that the event’s coming up. Use this template.
  4. What a great event! Let’s see how we did with this post-event survey.


How to Segment Your Customers / CSMs:
  • You can segment your customers based on number of users using a custom field “User Bucket” with this rule.
  • You can re-assign CSMs using a custom field “CSM Team”
    • Use this rule to re-assign CSMs based on criteria
    • Use this rule to reset the values to null
How to Track & Socialize Your Health Scores:
  • You can report on health scores by:
  • You may want to send health scores to your customers or CSMs with this email.
How to Change CSMs:
  1. Are we changing CSMs? Follow these steps.
  2. Now let’s lay a milestone based on this CSM transition with this rule.
How to Handle Flagged Risks:
  • Create CTAs based on weekly flagged risk Chatter updates with this rule.
  • Notify management of flagged risks affecting high-ARR customers with this email.
  • Report on flagged risks by reason.
  • You can also report on flagged risks by risk type (see Product Risks, etc.)
How to Handle Other Types of Risks:
  • For data risks, use this playbook.
  • For fatigue risks, let’s create CTAs based on flagged risks with this rule.
How to Get Creative with Email Templates:
How to Communicate Webinars:
  1. First, announce the webinar line-up for the month with this email.
  2. After each webinar, send a follow-up email with the webinar recording and / or deck.
How to Get Feedback on Teammate Success:
  • Use this survey to collect 360 feedback for the entire company.
  • Use this survey to collect feedback on your CEO.
  • Use this survey to collect feedback on managers.
How to Get Internal Feedback:
How to Manage a Product Release:
  1. First, send this email to announce your new product release.
  2. You can conduct a beta release on a new feature, soliciting participation and feedback.
  3. After the release, send this survey to solicit feedback on the product release.
How to Get Customer Feedback:
  1. Ask your prospects about what they expect from a demo.
  2. After the sale, ask your customers about their sales expectations.
  3. Ask your customers about your product, regarding its current and future form, and its workflow.
    • Ask your Customer Advisory Board with this survey.
  4. Ask your customers for their feedback on customer service and customer effort to resolve issues.
  5. Ask your customers about their satisfaction with their CSMs with this or this.
  6. Ask your customers about their overall satisfaction.
How to Manage Unexpected Incidents:
  1. Send an email to your customers if they experience an unexpected issue or service outage.
  2. Send an email to report uptime every month.
How to Track Success Plans:

View the complete list of Vault assets.

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