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Adoption Explorer FAQs

What is Adoption Explorer and how it is useful to me?

Adoption Explorer helps managing your customer’s usage data in the Gainsight environment. Customer’s usage data at Company and/or Person level can be stored at both daily and weekly level along with their entitlements. Using the ingested data, admins can define new derived fields without the need of Rules Engine. To learn more about Adoption Explorer, refer Adoption Explorer Overview.

What is External ID in an Adoption Explorer project?

An external ID is a standard field in the Company object, which stores the external unique identifiers of your customers. To enable an Adoption Explorer project in C360, External Id in Adoption Explorer object must be mapped to external identifier field in the Gainsight's Company Object.

What are Default External Id and Name in Adoption Explorer settings page?

There are possibilities that not of all of your customers may have the External Id and Name. In those scenarios, be default, the values you enter in these fields are used when a Company Id is missing at the Instance level.

How the Schedule frequency in Adoption Explorer objects happen?

Adoption Explorer has the intelligence to automatically derive the optimal time based on your source configurations in all objects. If you wish to override this and give a start time, you can use the start time from the Project Settings page. Adoption Explorer by itself will identify the farthest available time from all sources to start the execution of the project.

  1. Usage data from Amazon S3 will be ingested into the Adoption Explorer objects in 24 hours.
  2. Usage data from Gainsight will be ingested into Adoption Explorer objects in 24 hours.
  3. Usage data from GA is available after 48 hours, so in Adoption Explorer if any GA source is configured, data will be ingested into the Adoption Explorer objects in 72 hours.
  4. GA doesn’t support the Weekly ingestion schedule. You can ingest usage data only on a Daily basis.  

If an Adoption Explorer object is configured with more than one data source type (multiple sources), schedule will happen at the farthest availability time of the data source. For example, if a Company Time Series (Daily) Object is configured with S3 and GA sources, then the schedule will happen in 72 hours, as 72 hours is the farthest availability time.

Can I add multiple sources to a single Adoption Explorer Object?

Yes. You can add multiple sources to a single Adoption Explorer object. But, ideally your business use case should be done with a max. of five sources. For more information about how to configure source connections, refer Configure Adoption Explorer Objects.

Can I use the objects created out of Adoption Explorer project in other functionalities of Gainsight, such as to create Reports and Rules, etc.? If yes, where my Adoption Explorer objects are stored?

Yes. You can use all the objects created out of Adoption Explorer project in other functionalities of Gainsight. All the Objects created out of an Adoption Explorer Project are stored in Gainsight Data Management, and the name of the Objects will always start with the Project Name assigned. Ex: If your project name is ABC Analytics, created to track the usage analytics for customer ABC International, then the objects name in Data Management is tagged with project name and becomes ABC Analytics - Company/Person Daily Time Series, where Company/Person Daily Time Series are the out of the box Adoption Explorer objects created at Company/Person level.

Can I reuse the Usage Sections created for a usage layout?

Yes. You can reuse the existing usage sections in a different layout, within the Adoption Explorer project.

What is the max. number of Usage Sections I can add to a Layout?

It is always recommended to add only the required number of Usage Sections to the Layout. You can create as many as Layouts, based on the logical grouping of Usage Sections rather than crowding out with too many Usage Sections in a single Layout.

I don’t see the RUN NOW enabled for my Project?

To execute a job in an Adoption Explorer project, make sure that the project you want to run is in Active state.

Can I execute historical runs?

Yes. You can schedule a project on the historical data. For instance, you may want to compare the Product Usage Data of the current year with the Previous Year, you may need the report from the Previous Year. But, for historical data older than 45 days, the daily jobs will not be executed, system will schedule only weekly jobs, only if the weekly sources are present in the Adoption Explorer object.

Is it possible to execute a RUN on the selected sources, instead of running the entire project?

Yes. You can run on a selected source, instead of running the entire project. For instance, you have added a new source to the existing project, and you may want to run only that particular source.

Is it possible to execute a RUN on the selected derived measures?

Yes. You can also select a single source object and can run on the specifically selected derived measures. For instance, you have created a new derived measure in the existing source, and you may want to run only that particular derived measure.

Can I execute a Test RUN before I schedule a project?

Yes. You can perform the Test RUN from RUN NOW screen. Test Run allows you to check if all the settings, source connections, etc. are working correctly. Test Run will not load any data to the objects.

Can I RUN the job for the current date/previous dates?

If the selected data sources in a project are configured with Google Analytics (GA), you will not be able to run a project for the last 3 days, since the data for these days is not yet available. This is because usage data from GA will be ingested into the Adoption Explorer objects in 72 hours. For instance, today is 15th Jan’18, you can run for 12th Jan’18 and for the days backdated from 12th Jan’18. For more information on schedule frequency, refer Schedule Frequency.

Can I filter the records on Layouts screen, to see the records coming only from Gainsight’s Company Object?

Yes. The list of company/person records you see in the Company/Person dropdown depends on the search menu filters/layout settings applied from the Layouts Listing Screen. If you have selected the Global Filter Company Name Search via as Company Object, you will see all the records from Gainsight’s Company Object, and if you have selected Company Usage Info Object, you will see all the records from Company Usage Info Object, created from Adoption Explorer. The same settings apply for Person as well.

How long the usage data stored on a daily basis will be preserved for?

The usage data stored on a daily basis will be preserved for 45 days and the data stored on a weekly basis will be available for a period of 3 years. After 3 years, the usage data will not be deleted but archived, you can reach out to Gainsight for any requirement on the historical data.

Can I configure my Usage Layout created out of Adoption Explorer project with C360?

Yes. Admins can configure Usage section in C360, to help view usage data of a company in C360. This is achieved by adding the layout defined in Adoption Explorer project, to the C360 layout configuration page. Once admins add this section, CSMs can see the usage data of associated company as per the configured Adoption Explorer layout. For detailed instructions on how to configure C360 Usage section, refer Configure Adoption Explorer Section in C360.

How many number of usage layouts I can add to C360, from an Adoption Explorer project?

You can only add ONE usage layout from an Adoption Explorer project. If you want to see more usage layouts on your C360 page, you can configure multiple Usage sections from C360 layout configuration page.

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