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User Management

    User Management

    ​​Adding users is an anticipated step while setting up in Salesforce edition of Gainsight. Users will be entering data in Gainsight and using it the most. Providing login credentials to a user is a very critical step, and adding users without considering what type of access they need can make the process ambiguous. The following list of documents will help you to understand how accurately users can be added with the required permissions and type of permissions available in Gainsight:

    Gainsight User Management

    This article describes the different methods available for admins to ingest user data into the Gainsight User Object.

    User License Management

    This article is about how Admins can view license type and assign licenses  while creating users through a CSV file. You can filter the users based on license type and create reports of the licensed users in a company.

    User License Management FAQs

    This article contains some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to Gainsight License.

    Assign Gainsight Licenses to Salesforce Users

    This article walks you through the process of assigning a Gainsight License to a Salesforce user.

    User Management APIs

    This article explains about the Gainsight User Management REST APIs and its functionality.

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