With Team View, you can access customer information from Gainsight without ever leaving the account or opportunity page in SFDC. You can use this information to gain immediate insights into customer health, discover renewal opportunities, prepare for customer meetings, and more. This view is available with a Gainsight Viewer license.

Access Gainsight Widget

After an Admin has configured the Gainsight widget and placed it in on the Account or Opportunity layout, users can access the widget. To access the Gainsight widget, take the following steps:

  1. Login to Salesforce with your credentials.

  2. Click the Accounts tab or Opportunities tab.

  3. Select the Account or Opportunity you wish to view. This displays either the Account or Opportunity Detail view which contains the widget.

C360 Layout_Account Widget.png

If you have enabled Relationships in your org, you can also see the R360 pages of all the Relationships configured in the Account. To see the R360 Detail view of Relationships, select the required Relationship from the dropdown. Relationships are categorized under the respective Relationship Types in the dropdown list.

Note: Sections that are configured in an R360 Layout attached to the Relationship are shown in the respective R360 page.

Relationships in Widgets.png

Team View: Detail

Once the Gainsight Team View is added to the Account or Opportunity page, it appears as shown in the following image. Only C360/R360 Sections that your Admin chooses to include in the Account Widget are visible. The only section that does not appear is the standard Attributes section. If multiple related lists (reports sections) are added to the Account Widget, they are grouped and shown under one menu item.


Team View: Navigation

To navigate from one section to another, click the available tab(s) as shown below:

viewer license revisions team view navigation.gif


If the Summary tab is enabled, you can view basic data related to the account such as the stage, health score, number of users, number of open CTAs, NPS® score, and more.

Cockpit above_2.png


If the Cockpit section is enabled, you can view Open and Closed CTAs. However, you cannot modify CTA data, create new CTAs, or close a CTA or its associated tasks.

Cockpit Section_Team View.png


If the Scorecard section is enabled, you can view the health scores. Use the icons in the upper right to access various health score views, including a historical view.



On this tab, you can view data on customer Adoption, Milestones, and the Usage Tracker.

image (1).png


If the Survey tab is enabled, you can view NPS® Responses and Survey Responses to surveys associated with the Account or Opportunity.


Account Hierarchy

On this tab, you can view the hierarchy of accounts associated with the account. You can also view data associated with these accounts, such as ASV and MRR.



If the Features tab is enabled, you can view the features that are licensed and enabled for the account.

Features from the table_5.png

Sponsor Tracking

On this tab, you can view the Sponsors added to the Account.

AAR corp_6.png

Success Plans

On this tab, you can view existing Success Plans.

On the Objectives sub tab, you can view the CTAs (objectives).

On the Gantt Chart sub tab, you can view the current status of an Objective (CTA).

Gnatt Chart_7.gif

Related List

On Related List tabs, you can view reports that have been configured to display within the widget.

Related List_9.gif


On Person tab, you can view People Maps and People List. You can add, edit and delete a Person or Influencer. You can also view people’s hierarchy in your organization. For more information, refer to the Build People Maps article.

person-team view.png

Team View: Timeline

Team View users can view and log Timeline activity entries through the Timeline tab in the Team View widget. Timeline activities include Updates, Calls, Meetings, Emails, and also custom activities. These activity types help you to take quick notes during or after a customer interaction and preserve a chronological history of your most significant interactions for others to view from the C360/R360 or the Team View. Users can enter follow-up tasks directly in an activity which will automatically create an associated CTA in Cockpit.

For more information on Timeline, refer to Use Timeline to Log Activities.

team view timeline.png

Note: You can edit or delete an Activity created by you in Timeline page.

Cannot create or edit tasks: Users cannot create new tasks on Activities. However, other Gainsight permission sets allow user to create tasks. If a user was previously assigned to a different permission set, he can create tasks during that tenure. However, once the user is assigned the Viewer permission set, they cannot create any task nor can modify his own tasks, which were created when he was assigned a different permission set.

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