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Team View Overview

Team View empowers your cross-functional team with rich customer data and collaboration capabilities within their primary system. Team View takes the tactical knowledge gathered by customer facing teams, and makes it visible for everyone else, including sales and executive teams. This article is designed to explain how Team View can solve problems and to tell users what they can expect to find in the Team View. The Team View widget is mainly designed for users who have the Gainsight Limited License or Viewer License.

Admins can embed a Gainsight widget in Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Service Cloud, or Zendesk to start improving the customer experience through better cross-functional alignment.

Advantages of Team View

  • Get better Customer insights: Team View provides customer insights in a user’s primary system. This helps them prepare for customer calls or meetings, and stay in the know about the key dates and activities at that customer (e.g., upcoming renewal date, recent NPS® survey score, high priority support cases, etc).  

  • Enhanced customizability: Apart from being able to provide data to non-Gainsight users in one place, Admins can decide what data to display in the Team View widget on the Administration > Analytics > C360 Layouts page. To learn how to configure the tabs, refer to Admin Configuration for Team View.

  • View interactions and schedule meetings: Team members can use the Timeline tab to quickly catch up on customer history, or schedule new meetings or appointments with the Accounts based on their performance.

Examples of Team View Use Cases

Team View can assist with use cases across a variety of teams. The chart below details the types of moments and questions for different teams that Team View can help answer.

Team/Role Use Case
  • I’m about to walk into a meeting with this customer.

  • This customer emailed me, or I saw them at an event.

  • I’m starting a renewal process.

  • I’m hunting for expansion opportunities.

  • I haven’t worked with this customer before.

  • This customer seems anxious.

  • Is our project improving the customer’s health?
  • Who is this customer that’s a top user of Feature X?

  • Would this customer make a good beta tester?

Team View Widget

You can view the Gainsight Team View widget on the Account and Opportunity detail view pages for the following Salesforce products:

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud

  • Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce Sales Accounts Page

The below image shows the Team View widget from the Accounts Page of the Salesforce Sales cloud.

Team View widget on Accounts page.png

Admins can configure the widget to display key data from Gainsight’s C360 page for the corresponding Account or Opportunity. In the image shown above, you can see tabs for Acme’s health Scorecard, Success Plans, Cockpit CTAs, Cases, and more are visible. By switching to the TIMELINE tab, users can also view the history of Activities on the Account.

Admins can customize the data displayed on the widget by navigating to the Administration > Analytics > C360 Layouts.

Salesforce Service Cloud Console

For the Salesforce Service Cloud Console the Team View widget is located on the Case Detail view and the Ticket view respectively.

Team View widget on service cloud.png


You can also view the Team View widget on Zendesk tickets. Users with limited and view only licenses can view Customer Health Score, Renewal date, Customer Lifetime, ARR and number of users.

Team View widget on Zendesk_2.png

Team View Setup

Admins need to take the following steps to setup Team View for their users (if you are working through the Configure Gainsight Team View (Path), click the navigation arrows at the top of this article to proceed through these steps):

  1. Setup Viewer License for End Users

  2. Setup View Only Permission Sets for End Users

  3. Set up the Team View Widget

Beyond Team View

After setting up the basics of Team View, you can expand how users with Viewer License permissions see data with the following options:

  • Sally, the Gainsight AI bot, makes customer data easily accessible through Slack. For more information on Sally, and how to configure it, refer to Sally - the Gainsight bot Overview and Admin Configuration for Sally.

  • Sally’s Quick Insights feature takes the ability to access customer insights in Slack, and pushes it further. With Quick Insights, users can access richer and more specific information in Slack. For more information on using Quick Insights, refer to Configure Quick Insights in Slack using Sally.

  • The Timeline View gives users the ability to log Activities such as Updates, Calls, Meetings, and Emails. Admins can configure this view to display within the Team View widget. For more information, refer to Configure Timeline View for C360 and R360.

  • Admins can create and configure Shared 360 layouts to share customer information with non-Gainsight/SFDC users. For more information on these layouts, refer to Configure Shared 360.

  • Admins can create custom sets of reports for a specific purpose and display them in  Dashboards. They can then configure these dashboards to share them as links via email. For more information on Dashboards and how to share them, refer to Gainsight Home (Dashboards) Overview and Configure Dashboard for Sharing respectively.

Team View User Resources

The following resources are written for Team View users to help them use and navigate to these features:

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