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Survey 2.0 Overview


Survey 2.0 gives admins the ability to design and distribute surveys in Gainsight without a dependency on SFDC sites or features. The functionality was built with email assist in mind and is designed to work with Programs from the ground up. New features like Skip Logic and Display Logic enable Admins to control the flow of survey questions and the Question Library can store and import questions from survey to survey.

Gainsight strongly recommends customers use Survey 2.0 instead of Survey 1.0 while creating surveys for most use cases. Both features can be used in parallel with each other. You can migrate surveys from 1.0 to 2.0. For more information on migration, refer to Migrating from 1.0 to 2.0. For a quick overview of Survey 2.0, watch this 5-minute video. To share your feedback on Survey 2.0, visit the Community.

The following table illustrates the features available for Surveys 1.0 and Surveys 2.0:

Feature Survey 1.0 Survey 2.0
NPS® Tab
Text Analytics
Survey Flattening
Salesforce Email Service and Marketo for Survey Distribution X
Vault Templates X
Internal Submission
Survey Permissions
Anonymous Survey Options
Standard Outreach Compatibility X
Program Compatibility
Multiple Language Support
Email Assist Compatibility
Set CTAs (see notes)
Cross-org Migration Support
Import external NPS® responses into Gainsight
Skip Logic
Display Logic
Question Library X
Anonymous Link X
Import SurveyMonkey responses into Gainsight X


Enable the Survey 2.0 Tab

To enable the Survey 2.0 Tab:

  1. In the User menu dropdown menu, select Setup at the top-right of the window.
  2. Navigate to App Setup > Create > Apps.
  3. Click the Edit action for the Gainsight App.
  4. Select the Survey 2.0 tab from the Available Tabs list and use the Add option to move it to the Selected Tabs list.


  1. Adjust the tab settings of each user profile you would like to see the Survey 2.0 tab.
  2. You may still need to customize your tabs to add Survey 2.0 to your default display. For more information on this process, refer to the Customize your Tabs in Salesforce article.

General Prerequisites

  • Enable OAUTH Permission.
  • Enable MDA services.
  • Enable GS User Sync.
  • The Company and Company Person or Relationship and Relationship Person objects must be loaded to Gainsight.
  • Sub-domain or Custom domain and Site must be created before publishing a survey in survey 2.0. The site must be configured to be linked to the survey response page. Only new Gainsight Sites and Domains can be used for Survey 2.0. For information on this process, refer to the Setup a Gainsight Domain article.

Permission Prerequisites

Users will need one of the following permission sets to be able to view survey responses in Survey 2.0:

  • Gainsight_Standard
  • Gainsight_view_only
  • Gainsight_Admin
  • Gainsight_Special
  • Gainsight_Viewer

For more information on assigning permission sets, refer to the Gainsight and SFDC Permission Sets article.. For more information on survey-level and module-level permissions for Survey 2.0, refer to the Survey 2.0 Permissions article.

Survey List View

On the Survey List page, you can see the list of SurveysSurvey Name, Entity, Status, Questions, Responses and Date.

The options in the Surveys List page are categorized into three sections, namely:

  1. All Surveys and Options
  2. Pagination
  3. Folders


All Surveys and Options

You can see the list of surveys that have been created in Gainsight Surveys and imported (if you have integrated external survey source such as Gainsight PX or SurveyMonkey with Gainsight Surveys). And, can view basic details about each survey, filter the list for specific surveys, create, and delete survey.

Each survey in the list view displays the following information:

  1. Survey Name: Displays the Name of the survey. Click the Survey Name of your choice to view/edit the survey.
  2. Entity: Displays the survey entity type, either Company or Relationship.
  3. Status: Displays the status of the survey, whether it is Active, Closed or Draft.
  4. Questions: Displays the number of questions of that specific survey. Clicking number of questions,will navigate you to the Design tab. 
  5. Responses: Displays the number of responses of that specific survey. Clicking number of responses will navigate you yo the Analyze tab.
  6. Date: Displays the date details as below:
    • Active Survey: Last Responded on and Last Modified on date.
    • Closed Survey: Closed on date.
    • Draft Survey: Last Modified on date.
  7. Context Menu: Click the Context Menu icon to view the following actions:
    • Edit: Clicking Edit will navigate you to the Properties tab. 
    • Analyze: Clicking Analyze will navigate you to the Analyze tab. 
    • Clone: Allows you to clone the selected survey.
    • Delete: Clicking Delete will delete the selected survey.
      Note: If a Survey is published through a JO Program, make sure you delete or stop that Program to delete the Survey.
    • Close: Clicking Close will close the selected Active survey.
    • Reopen: Allows you to reopen the selected Closed survey.
    • Sync Now: Allows you to sync the data from selected external source survey.

From All Surveys dropdown you can select either all survey sources or a specific survey source (if you have integrated external survey source(s) such as Gainsight PX or SurveyMonkey with Gainsight Surveys) to view the list of surveys from the selected source(s). 

You can use the search bar at the top, to filter the survey list by survey name as well as the Entity and Status dropdown fields to filter the survey list by specific entity type and status respectively.


  • You can Sort the Surveys by Survey Name and Responses.
  • You can rearrange the columns and/or adjust the columns width as required.


If you have too many surveys, you can use the pagination tool to navigate through different pages and view multiple surveys, in a set of 25, 50 or 100 on a single page, based on your selection.

Organize Surveys into Folder

Users can create folders in Surveys > Listing page to organize surveys effectively. Gainsight provides a default folder called Uncategorized. Users cannot modify or delete this folder. 

To create a new folder on the Survey page:

  1. In the Folders section, click the Add New Folder icon.
  2. (Optional) In the Add Folder dialog, select the folder under which you want to nest a new folder.
  3. In the Folder Name field, provide a name for the folder.
  4. Click SAVE.

You can also Search, Edit, Delete, and move any existing folders/sub-folders from one parent folder to another just by dragging except for the default Uncategorized folder.

Create New Survey

To Create a New Survey

  1. Click Add Survey.
  2. Click Create from ScratchCreate Survey dialog appears.
  3. Enter the following information:
    1. Entity: Select an Entity type, either Company or Relationship. Select a Relationship Type when you want to create this Survey for Relationship.
    2. Survey Name: Type the Survey Name.
    3. Languages: Select one or multiple languages.
  4. Click SAVE.

After saving your new survey, you will have options to configure the Survey Properties, Design, Distribute, Permissions, and Analyze the survey results.

Import a Survey from SurveyMonkey

If you are a SurveyMonkey user, you can integrate SurveyMonkey directly with Gainsight and you can import a survey and its responses into Gainsight Survey 2.0. For more information on how to integrate SurveyMonkey with Gainsight, refer to the SurveyMonkey Integration article.

SM Overview.png

Import a Survey Engagement from Gainsight PX

If you are a Gainsight PX user, you can integrate Gainsight PX with Gainsight Surveys to bulk import and analyze PX survey engagement responses in Gainsight Surveys. For more information on how to Integrate Gainsight PX with Gainsight Surveys, refer to the Gainsight PX Integration with Surveys article.

PX Overview.png

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