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Submit Surveys 2.0 Internally

This article will walk you through how to manually enter responses on behalf of survey recipients for Surveys 2.0. This can be used if you had a low response rate and decide to do a phone campaign to ask the same questions. For information on submitting internal responses in Surveys 1.0, refer to Tutorial: Submit a Survey Internally.


  • This can only be done if the survey has been configured for Internal Submission prior to the survey being sent. 
  • Internal Submission is only available for surveys with the Non-Anonymous category.

Configure Surveys for Internal Submission

Under the Properties tab of Surveys 2.0, click the box to allow for internal submissions.


For more information on the properties tab, refer to Survey 2.0 Properties. For more information on configuring and distributing Surveys 2.0, refer to How to Configure Surveys 2.0 (Path).

Submitting Internal Responses

1. On the Surveys 2.0 (Beta) tab, open the survey for which you want to submit a response.

2. Navigate to the Analyze tab. (For more information on this tab, refer to Surveys 2.0 Analytics.)

3. Click the Not Responded section of the participant chart in Response Statistics.


4. This will open a table view for every participant that has not responded to the survey at the bottom of the page. Click the submission icon next to the participant’s name.


5. This will open the survey in a new tab where you can submit responses on behalf of the participant. Enter the response and click SUBMIT.

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