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Migrating Surveys 1.0 to 2.0

Admins can migrate surveys from the Survey1.0 module to the Survey 2.0 module with one click. This includes the migration of active and completed surveys and their associated questions, logic rules, permissions, and response data. Draft surveys will be migrated without responses as the responses won't exists. This article walks you through the prerequisites, limitations, and recommendations for the feature, as well as the steps needed to complete this migration.


  • Standard Objects - Company, Relationship, User, Person, Company Person and Relationship Person are loaded into Gainsight.

  • A sub domain has been configured for the tenant for Gainsight. Customers can use Gainsight provided domains and custom domains for sites.

  • Sites and Pages are configured, including the Survey Response Page, which can be used in the Survey Distribute and Publish tabs. For more information on site requirements for 2.0, refer to Setup a Gainsight Domain.

  • If you want to migrate a 1.0  survey to 2.0, which has a CTA, then before you migrate to 2.0, you have to model a survey program with the CTA step. For more information on how to configure a program with CTA step, refer to Configure Model and Emails for Programs article.


  • Survey 2.0 does not support Salesforce Email Service or Marketo distribution options. However, response data from those distribution channels will be migrated to Surveys 2.0.

  • There can be a mismatch in the total sent count and bounced emails between the original 1.0 survey and the migrated 2.0 survey.

  • When migrating survey 1.0 permissions, only the survey level permissions will be migrated, not the module level permissions. We recommend customers create permission bundles for module level permissions in Survey 2.0. For more information on permissions in survey 1.0 and module level permissions for 2.0, refer to Assign Survey Permissions and Survey 2.0 Permissions respectively.

  • You cannot migrate custom reports built on Survey 1.0 to Survey 2.0.


  • Gainsight recommends customers to use Survey 2.0 over 1.0 whenever possible. New customers should start with Surveys 2.0, and existing customers should create any new surveys through Survey 2.0.

  • Gainsight recommend migrating existing surveys to use the enhanced Analytics of Survey 2.0. These Analytics overall display more accurate and complete data than 1.0 analytics. For more information on these analytics, refer to Survey 2.0 Analytics.

Migrate Surveys

Take the following steps to migrate surveys:

Note: We recommend reviewing the Migration Guidelines section as well as Survey 1.0 Retirement FAQs before initiating a survey migration.

  1. Navigate to the Survey page.

  2. Click the blue triangle at the bottom of the survey card you want to migrate and click MIGRATE from the actions available. Migrate to Survey 2.0 window appears.


3. Select the appropriate survey settings that needs to be migrated by switching the settings to ON. Default migrate options for survey with different status (Draft, Active and Closed) are described below:

Default migrate options of an Draft 1.0 Survey

Migrate 1.png

Default migrate options for the very first migration of an Active  or Closed 1.0 Survey


  • The Properties and Questions option is mandatory for migration and cannot be turned OFF.
  • You must Select a site that will be used to host the 2.0 Survey.

Migrate 2.png

Default migrate options for the re-migration of an Active or Closed 1.0 Survey

Note: For re-migration of an Active 1.0 Survey, only the responses are configured for migration.

Migrate 3.png

Note: While re-migrating Active/Closed 1.0 Survey, if admin has chosen to migrate the Properties and Questions section, then this will reset or discard any manual changes made to the Survey 2.0 record. Admins are advised to use this option carefully. A confirmation window will appear before the migration.

pasted image 0.png

4. Click MIGRATE to complete the migration.

Default migrate options from 1.0 to 2.0 summary by survey type

Note: Mandatory configurations are marked with (*)

1.0 Survey Status First Migration
DRAFT Question and Properties (✓)*
Permissions (Χ)
Response (NA)
Question and Properties (✓)
Permissions (Χ)
Response (NA)
ACTIVE/CLOSED Question and Properties (✓)*
Permissions (Χ)
Response (✓)
Site URL (✓)*
Question and Properties (Χ)
Permissions (Χ)
Response (✓)
Site URL (Χ)


After the migration is complete, the logged in user will receive an email confirmation. You will be able to view the migrated survey in the Survey 2.0 list view.

Note: If you have already migrated a 1.0 survey that has CTA to 2.0, post migration you need to distribute the migrated survey with the program containing CTA step. For more information, refer to Prerequisites section.  

Migration Email

The migration email contains a breakdown of each migration step and its migration status with an migration execution log Excel file. It could take a few minutes after the migration has been initiated before the email is sent. 


Viewing Migrated Surveys

You can view the status of the migration on the Survey 1.0 Card. If you have migrated a survey, you can see the last migration date on the Migrated attribute on the survey 1.0 Card. If you have not migrated a survey, you can see the status of the Migrated attribute as No.

migrat no [2].png

After a survey is migrated, navigate to Survey 2.0 tab to view the list off surveys.

mig 1.png

Migrated surveys are identical to any other 2.0 survey. For more information on Survey 2.0, refer to How to Configure Surveys 2.0 (Path).

Surveys that are migrated from survey 1.0 to survey 2.0 have their dedicated survey flattened table in MDA. For more information on Survey Flattening, refer to Survey Flattening Overview.

You can still view the original survey in the Survey 1.0 module.

Migration Guidelines

The following steps are helpful to proceed with the migration of your 1.0 Surveys:

  • Migrate the individual Survey from 1.0 to 2.0. For more information, refer to the Migrate Surveys section.
  • Validate the survey and its responses in Survey 2.0.
  • Republish affected Playbooks that have survey email tasks, so that only 2.0 Surveys apply going forward.
  • Update affected JO survey programs. Note that Outreaches will not work for survey use-cases.
  • Update any rules/automation or reports built on 1.0 Survey data model (Salesforce objects).
  • If you have any reports or rules based on the 1.0 Survey object or 1.0 Survey flattened object, it is recommended to build similar reports on the 2.0 Survey MDA objects or 2.0 Survey flattened object.
  • Clone the existing Program(s) and edit it to refer to 2.0 Survey (the migrated record).
  • Handling the CTA Rules on Survey 1.0: If there is any CTA rule in the 1.0 Survey, add the same in the cloned program using the Create CTA step or alternatively create a new Bionic Rule to honor the same rule conditions; this rule will be based on the 2.0 Survey flattened object. Set the Bionic Rule refresh schedule to a minimum gap of 4 hours.
  • Verify the functional flow on the cloned JO program; mainly the survey email step, to ensure it directs to 2.0 Survey record. Also, check if you are able to open the 2.0 Survey link and respond.
  • Once you ensure the proper functioning of the newly cloned program:
  • Check whether all the schedules present in the cloned program are similar to the original program that was configured with 1.0 Survey.
  • You may add a date filter to ensure the same participant does not enter into the new program.
  • Remove the schedule from the old program, to ensure it does not send any new emails with the 1.0 Survey link. 
  • Publish the new (cloned) Program.
  • We recommend closing the 1.0 Survey, only when you think it will not gather any additional responses. Until then, you have to manually migrate any additional net new responses from 1.0 to 2.0.


  • While closing 1.0 Survey, also ensure to stop the associated JO Program.


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