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Migrate External NPS Responses from Survey 1.0 to NPS 2.0


This article explains how admins can migrate external NPS responses from Survey 1.0 to NPS 2.0.


Gainsight recommends you to use this migration tool to leverage enhanced NPS 2.0 Analytics and for getting better insights on C360/R360 page. For more information on NPS 2.0, refer NPS 2.0 Overview.

Migrate External NPS Responses

To migrate external NPS responses:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Surveys > NPS Survey Master.
  2. Click MIGRATE EXTERNAL NPS. The External NPS Migration to Survey 2.0 window appears.
  3. Select the Survey that you want to migrate.


  • You can select a single survey, multiple surveys or you can select all the surveys.
  • You will see a list of surveys, if you have already migrated some. The migrated surveys can be identified with a status called Migrated


  1. Click MIGRATE.


After the migration is complete, the logged in user receives an email confirmation and can see the migrated NPS responses in the NPS 2.0 tab.


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