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Migrate External NPS Responses from Survey 1.0 to NPS® 2.0


This article explains how admins can migrate external NPS® responses from Survey 1.0 to NPS® 2.0.


Gainsight recommends you to use this migration tool to leverage enhanced NPS® 2.0 Analytics and for getting better insights on C360/R360 page. For more information on NPS® 2.0, refer NPS® 2.0 Overview.

Migrate External NPS® Responses

To migrate external NPS® responses:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Surveys > NPS® Survey Master.
  2. Click MIGRATE EXTERNAL NPS®. The External NPS® Migration to Survey 2.0 window appears.
  3. Select the Survey that you want to migrate.


  • You can select a single survey, multiple surveys or you can select all the surveys.
  • You will see a list of surveys, if you have already migrated some. The migrated surveys can be identified with a status called Migrated


  1. Click MIGRATE.


After the migration is complete, the logged in user receives an email confirmation and can see the migrated NPS® responses in the NPS® 2.0 tab.


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