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Enable Survey Email Notifications

For Gainsight Surveys, you can enable an option that allows you to subscribe specific users to email notifications. Follow the steps below to add this option to the Survey module. Then, in the individual surveys, you can enter the specific email addresses to subscribe to notifications. Notifications are triggered when new responses to the survey are received.


  1. Navigate to SFDC Setup.

sfdc setup.png

2. Search for custom settings.

custom settings.png

3. Make sure the View is set to All, and then click the letter ‘F’ to narrow down your options.

settings view.png

4. Select the Manage button next to Feature Configuration.

manage feature config.png

5. Click New.

new option.png

6. In the Name field, input SUBSCRIBE_TO_SURVEY_ALERTS and click Save.

survey alerts.png

7. Navigate to a live survey and check the settings under Publish Survey. You should see a field like this:

email subscribers.png


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