This article explains how to re-send a survey to customers who were contacted, but did not yet respond. These steps assume that you're managing the survey distribution process via the Survey module. If you distributed a survey via Journey Orchestrator (formerly known as CoPilot), you need to schedule a new Outreach in order to re-send your survey. If you distributed a survey via a Program, you can send reminder emails to non-recipients as part of the pre-built Program model.

To begin, navigate to the Survey tab and select the survey you would like to re-send. Then click the Distribute option.


1. Select the Contacted - Not Responded. A list of all contacts who received the first email, but did not respond will be displayed.  

2. Use the top checkbox on the left to select all of the contacts in this list. Or, click individual checkboxes.

3. Click Resend Email. The contacts in the list who meet the criteria will be contacted.