This article will walk you through how to set up your SalesForce survey domain name. After completing the set up, you will learn how to test the survey site. Before you can publish a survey in Gainsight's Survey module, you will need to create a survey domain. The same survey domain can be used to host multiple surveys.

Note: For more information on the Salesforce permissions required to manage domains, see the Salesforce article Manage Domains and Custom URLs.

Navigate to Salesforce Domain Site

Navigate to Salesforce Domain Site

To get started you will:

  • Click on your name at the top right
  • Choose Setup
  • In the Search box on the left hand side, search for Sites and click Sites.

If a survey site is created you will not need to move on to the next step.

  • Click New

Create New Survey Site


Fill out the following details:

  • Site Label = Survey
  • Site Name = Survey
  • Site Contact = [this will be your name by default]
  • Default Web Address = Survey
  • Active = Checked
  • Active Site Home Page = SurveyResponse
  • Inactive Site Home Page = InMaintenance
  • Site Template = SiteTemplate
  • Require Secure Connections (HTTPS) = Checking this box will enable a required secure connection. Many survey recipients block non-secure URLs, and if this is not checked your survey could be blocked in those instances. Checking this box is also necessary

Click Save.

Enable Secure Connections (HTTPS)

A secure connection must be enabled for end users to be able to successfully access your survey link. Check The checkbox for Require Secure Connections (HTTPS) described above to ensure access.


Configure Visualforce Pages

Configure Visualforce Pages
  • Click Survey


  • Click Edit next to Site Visualforce Pages



Under Available VisualForce Pages find and add the following to Enabled Visualforce Pages:

  • JBCXM.SurveyEmailOpen (Allows survey email to be opened)
  • JBCXM.SurveyResponse (Allows responses to be tracked)

Click Save

Assign License (Not Available in Sandbox Environment)

Assign License (Not Available in Sandbox Environment)
  • While still in the survey profile click Public Access Settings


  • Click View Users


  • Click Site Guest User, Survey


  • Scroll down to Managed Packages
  • Click Assign Licenses*

*Note: The license is used only for survey site setup and does not have an associated cost. The survey license will however be added to your organization's total number of purchased licenses on the Gainsight Licenses page.


  • Put a check next to Gainsight CSM
  • Click Add

Activate Site

  • Click on your name at the top right
  • Choose Setup
  • On the left under App Setup choose Develop
  • Click on Sites
  • Click Activate (if not already activated) next to the Survey site

Email Template Configuration

A default email template ‘Gainsight Survey Template’ is available as part of the application which can be cloned and modified. The template includes the ability to send each participant a unique URL that tracks the respondent. You can alter the HTML and plain text version of the template to customize you message including the email subject.

Test Survey Configuration

We recommend testing your survey configurations before sending a survey to customers. This allows you to ensure everything operates as expected and gives you the opportunity to resolve issues without them becoming customer facing. The steps below will walk you through creating, publishing, and deleting a test survey.

  • Click on the Survey tab > click + Survey
  • Enter Test Survey name and click Create


Click Save

Add Test Question

  • Click Questions in the left pane
  • Click +Q to add question
  • Question Type = NPS®
  • Click Save

Publish Survey

  • Click Publish Survey from the left pane
  • Copy/Paste Newly created Survey Site URL into Published URL
    • Note: Ensure that you add the URL ending in within the Published URL. This assures that your survey is not blocked by recipients.
  • Select Email Template
  • Select From email address
  • Click Send Test Email


  • Choose From Email Address
  • Type Email to send test to
  • Click “Send Test Email”

Note: The email address the test is going to must be tied to a contact in Salesforce.

Soon you will receive the test email in the inbox the email was sent to. You can click on the link from the email to view the survey from a participant perspective.

Delete Test Survey


When testing is finished you can delete the test survey:

  • Click Published in the left pane
  • Hover over the bottom of the test survey card until you see a blue triangle
  • Click the triangle and click Delete
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