If you are not using Journey Orchestrator (formerly known as CoPilot) to distribute your survey, you may want to use the SFDC email template below to help you get started in writing an NPS® Survey email. To learn more about creating Gainsight email templates for use with surveys, see the article Modify Default Survey Email Templates.

Template text

Dear JBCXMSurveyParticipantc.ContactFirst__c,

Four minutes of your time and your candid feedback can help us improve in ______.  Please take a moment now to answer a few questions at the following link.


Thanks for your time,

The _______ Customer Success Team

Create First Name Token


In order to use a First Name token, first you must create a new formula field on the Survey Participant object. Then the token for the email template will be {!JBCXM__SurveyParticipant__c.FirstName__c}.

Note: The specific content of this token will depend on the user's org.

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