Gainsight gives you the flexibility to configure surveys and questions in a language of your choice. You can add a new language and provide translation text for the survey. The first step is to add the new language in Administration > Languages, and then configure the translation text using the Global Settings option. Next, you need to configure the translation text for every question and preview it. Multilingual questions are supported only for Drop-down, Multiple drop-down, NPS®, and Matrix question types.


Note: Survey respondents can hover on the Reset icon to see the message in their selected language, and the Select Language label will change as per the selected language.


Click on the following links to learn more about multilingual surveys:

  1. Configure a New Language (Assign Survey Permissions)
  2. Configure Multilingual Survey Questions
  3. Tutorial: Use Journey Orchestrator to Send Multilingual Surveys

Current Limitations

  • Right-to-Left languages are not supported for translation.
  • Some text can not be translated, such as the "Allow Comment" option (within question setup); and the Question type image title and comments. We will offer multilingual support for these fields in a future release.
  • Although Gainsight supports multilingual surveys, the Survey Text Analytics for an individual gainsight survey is supported only for the english text feeds. In other words, non-english free text responses won’t be considered for Survey Text Analytics.
    Note that Text Analytics for multilingual surveys is supported in CX Center
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