This article addresses how to configure surveys for Relationships. Detailed information on how to build surveys in Gainsight are available in this How to Build a Survey path, but there are a few key setup steps required for a survey to be administered to customers associated with a specific Relationship Type.

  1. Create Survey based on Relationship Type
  2. Add Participants to Surveys based on Relationship Contact Role
  3. Survey NPS® analytics support is available for Relationships

Create Survey based on Relationship Type

Navigate to Survey > Properties. In the Properties screen, select the Survey Type as Relationship, and then select the specific Relationship Type.

Select the Survey Language, Email service, and so on, according to your preferences. (for more information, see the article Survey Dashboard & Card View).

Create Survey Questions, Set CTAs, & Publish survey

The process for adding survey questions, configuring CTA triggers based on survey responses, and publishing your survey is the same as for account surveys. (for more information, see the links within the article Survey Dashboard & Card View)

Add Participants to Surveys

There are two options for adding participants to your survey. If you selected the Journey Orchestrator email service on the Properties page, then you don't need to do anything on the Add participants page, and you can also ignore the Distribute page. In Journey Orchestrator, you will build a Power List to fetch the appropriate contacts. For more information on building Power Lists, see the article Create Journey Orchestrator Power Lists (aka, email contact list).

If you chose an email method other than Journey Orchestrator, then on the Add participants page, you can upload a csv file containing your contacts, or you can select contacts using the Relationship Contact Role.


Survey NPS® Analytics

In Survey > Analyze, you can view results of your survey. And on the NPS® tab, you can select a Relationship Type to view associated Survey NPS® results.

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