As a reminder for how to build out NPS® surveys and an overall NPS® system, here’s our Survey and NPS® Overview.

Set CTAs is an optional step in the survey configuration process. This feature enables your CSMs to followup with survey respondents, based on their answers to specific questions. We strongly recommend that you configure CTAs for use with your NPS® Surveys.

Set CTAs.png

From Survey > Set CTAs, you can add rules which will trigger CTAs when a question is answered in a certain way. (The screenshot above shows how to trigger a CTA if the respondent answers 0 to 6 on the NPS® question.) For NPS® surveys, we typically recommend setting up CTAs for promoters (9-10), passives (7-8), and detractors (< 6).

Note: You can Set CTAs only for the following Survey question types: NPS®, multiple choice, drop down, and matrix.

Add Advanced Logic to filter based on Account, Contact and/or Customer data points. By default, logic will be AND use Advanced Logic section to properly set conditions. In the Action section, the default will be to create a CTA. Click Save and continue to add as many rules as needed.

Currently, Gainsight triggers one CTA per customer based on the CTA reason, which may link to multiple people's responses at that company.

In this tutorial, we will explain how to use your NPS® survey to automate CTAs based on the answers your customers provide. The easiest way to do this is from within the Survey tool, rather than using the Rules Engine.

Create Survey & Playbook(s)

The first step is to build a survey to track customer NPS® responses. You can use your current survey or download a prebuilt survey from Vault: General NPS® Survey.

If you haven't created playbooks to associate with the CTAs, you can download these from Vault:

Configure Survey CTAs

  1. Navigate to the Survey tab and select the NPS® Survey for which you wish to set up CTAs. 
  2. Click Set CTAs.
  3. Click + Add New Rule in the upper right corner.
Survey Questions.png
  1. Select the question that you want to base the rule off of. For your basic NPS® survey, you will select: “How likely is it that you would recommend us to a friend?”

Note: Type @ to see options available for tokenized. For now, you can see the Account::Account Name, Survey Participant::Display Name and Survey Participant::Role tokens. This feature will not support in the Comments Section. 

  1. Under Answer, select the responses for which you want to trigger a CTA. Since we are automating CTAs for “Promoters,” we have chosen answers 9 and 10. (To set up a CTA rule for “Detractors,” select 0 - 6.)
  2. Select the fields as you would for a standard CTA rule:
  • Reason: we use “Survey Follow-up” as the CTA reason
  • Playbook: ours is called “High Survey Rating (NPS®)”
  1. Click Save.

Now when someone responds to the NPS® question with a 9 or 10 (or 0-6), a CTA will automatically trigger for that account’s CSM, to indicate there’s an NPS® Promoter (or Detractor) and some follow-up actions required.


You can tokenize fields in the name of the CTA:

tokenize fields.png

Fields that can be tokenized in Surveys are limited to the following:

  • Account Name (from the Account Object)

  • Display Name (from the Survey Participant Object)

  • Role (from the Survey Participant Object)

To workaround this limitation, you can building a rule off the flattened survey object.

Working on a business challenge?

If you're working on "B6: We are seeing churn due to poor customer satisfaction," or "D1: We don't know which customers to use as references and in marketing activities," you can continue to the article Configure Scorecard Rules for Sentiment Risk.

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