Should I be using Surveys 1.0 or 2.0?

Gainsight strongly recommend customers to use Surveys 2.0 as their primary method for creating and distributing surveys for most use cases. Both features can be used in parallel with each other. For more information on Survey 2.0, and the differences from 1.0, refer to the Surveys 2.0 Overview article.

Can I migrate 1.0 surveys to Surveys 2.0?

Yes, there is a migration process for individual surveys with a Active, Draft or Expired status. For more information on migrating, refer to the Migrating Surveys 1.0 to 2.0 article.

Can I use the same survey site to host multiple surveys?

Yes. For instructions on how to set up your Salesforce survey domain, refer to the Setup Salesforce Survey Domain & Test Survey Setup article.

Should I send my survey via SFDC or Journey Orchestrator?

This depends largely on whether you have a static list of participants that you want to survey, or if you will have a dynamic list of participants. Your options are explained in more detail in these articles:

Can I use other survey tools and bring the data into Gainsight?

Yes. For more information, refer to the Load 3rd Party Survey Results article.

Can I report on my Survey data in Report Builder?

Yes. Survey response data can be “flattened” and stored as a new MDA object. Then the data can be reported on within report builder without the need for a data space. The newly created MDA table will have each survey question as a column header. For more information on Survey flattening, refer to Survey Flattening Overview article.

Can I edit a flattened survey object?

No, flattened MDA objects are non-editable. If you need to edit or add additional fields, Gainsight recommend creating another MDA object and copying the data over.

How are questions and responses stored within a flattened survey table?

Each question is a separate column within the table, and each response is stored as a separate line item within that column.

How can I re-send my survey to non-respondents?

If you use the Survey module and an email service other than Journey Orchestrator, you can re-send surveys directly from the Survey > Distribute page. If you use Journey Orchestrator as your email service, please see this article Tutorial: Re-send NPS® Surveys from Journey Orchestrator for instructions on how to re-send your survey.

How can I manage survey permissions?

There are two places in Gainsight for managing Survey permissions. First, Admins can grant Survey module access using a tool under Administration. To give specific users access to edit/publish/view results for an individual survey, the Admin can modify permissions under Survey > Permissions. Directions for both options are described Admins can grant Survey module access using a tool under Administration. To give specific users access to edit/publish/view results for an individual survey, the Admin can modify permissions under Survey > Permissions. Directions for both options are described in the article Assign Survey Permissions.

Why is my participant .csv file failing to upload to Surveys?

Why is my participant .csv file failing to upload to Surveys?

Any .csv upload, or any Gainsight Success Snapshots created, are stored in the GainsightSuccessSnapshot folder under documents. If the folder is deleted, the .csv file will fail to upload to Survey > Participants, because the system can't find the folder and save it to the specified path. Navigate to SFDC > Documents to confirm the folder exists.

When the C360 widget shows the NPS® average, is it for responses to currently-open surveys?

The first value in the C360 NPS® widget is the Average of recent NPS® responses. For the remaining NPS®, we show the averages as trends in bar chart. Each bar represents the average of all responses. We order them left to right, recent to oldest. 

How can I get immediate notifications when my customer responds to a survey?

If you use Gainsight Surveys, you can be immediately notified when one of your customers submits a survey response. There are two steps: 1) Follow the customer on their C360, and 2) Enable "Survey Response Submitted" under the Email Notifications options (click the bell icon in upper right of any Gainsight page).

Can I delete or move Survey responses?

If you believe you need to delete a Survey response(s) or move a response to another survey, please contact There are multiple objects that hold the survey data, and they have to be deleted in a certain order. If ths isn't performed correctly, one object can still hold data, while the others don't. 

Survey Email Limits

Please refer to the email limits documented in the article Journey Orchestrator FAQs and Troubleshooting for information on the maximum number of contacts you can send survey emails at one time, based on your selected email service.

Partial Save & Live Survey Testing

If you publish your survey (it's "live") and you're testing it, keep in mind that the partial save functionality will store any answers that you select during testing. Partial save occurs automatically in the background and does not require the user to click save or submit. This could inadvertently lead to answers being stored for a contact that did not actually take the survey. 

Is it possible for In-line survey questions to link to a survey with multiple questions?

Yes, for multi-question surveys, respondents will be directed to the rest of the survey after they answer the initial inline question. Gainsight recommend to select the most crucial single-answer question as the inline question. This allows you to capture the user’s response to your most important question, even if they do not complete the rest of the survey.

What is the View Details & Follow-up link under Survey Analytics used for?

The View and Details link allows you to assign a Task in Salesforce to someone associated with the account, and trigger an email to notify them. The email includes helpful information on the survey response.

How is Link Tacking Enabled/Disabled?

When adding either a link or a button to an Email Template, there is an checkbox to enable link tracking. Otherwise it is now disabled by default. See the Hyperlink and Button sections of the article Create Journey Orchestrator Email Templates for more information.

Can Gainsight analyze text responses?

Yes, to learn more about the Text Analytics feature, and how to enable it, please see the article How to Enable Text Analytics.

Is the Text Analytics feature retroactive?

Yes, after Text Analytics is enabled, it will be enabled retroactively.

Does the Survey URL shortening feature require steps to enable?

No, this feature is applied automatically after the 5.9 release.

How many NPS® surveys will the top graph on the NPS® tab show? Is there a way to 'deprecate' a survey off the graph?

The top graph in the NPS® tab shows the last 8 surveys only. Currently, we do not have the ability to deprecate a survey included in the graph.

Can I send out a survey to a customer who do not have Gainsight license?

Yes. Gainsight surveys can be sent to any of your customer contacts, and the participants in the survey don't need to have a license to respond to the survey. 

Gainsight Survey Practices

The following questions and answers are drawn from our own Survey practices:

Do you send the CSM/AM head's up email about an upcoming survey from Journey Orchestrator? And the reminder email?

Yes, both emails are via Journey Orchestrator. We recommend that the follow-up reminder email contains a different message, indicating that the survey will be closing soon and the closure date.

  • "Heads up" to CSM Power List: Looks at Customers in a 6 month interval of Original Contract Date (OCD), and then sends to the CSM of that Customer.
  • Normal NPS® Survey Power List: Looks at Contacts that are related to a customer that's in 6 month interval of OCD, then sends directly to that Contact.

How does Gainsight analyze their own Survey responses?

We use the built-in reports under Surveys > Analytics, and the NPS® tab, as well as perform a manual analysis of comments. Please see the article Survey Analytics for more information on Gainsight's Survey Analytics.

How does Gainsight communicate actions (based on Survey feedback) back to all customers?

We recommend that you assess all feedback and compile information on key take-aways. Then communicate that back to customers in whatever method you feel will be most impactful, such as email or video.

How do you notify managers and execs in real-time of the latest NPS® responses?

We use a SFDC Workflow Rule for an Email Alert action built on the NPS®Survey Response object. The trigger is "Evaluate when a new record is created" and the logic is "When record created date =/ null" (it will never be null, therefore the alert is always sent). 

Why is there a survey response with only one answered question, even though more questions were required?

If the survey that’s being used in a Program has an inline question, it is very likely that the survey taker only answered the one question in the email, and didn’t complete the rest of the survey (which would open in a new window after the inline answer was clicked). Due to surveys having a partial completion date set, the single answer was saved despite additional required questions.

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