Note: While the instructions within this tutorial can still be used, we recommend using Programs for any survey communications that would require follow-up messages or re-sending Surveys. For more information on Programs, see the article Introduction to Programs.

Tutorial Overview

Subject: This tutorial demonstrates a case where there's a need to create a Power List to resend a survey to participants who haven't responded within 30 days.
Scenario: The objective is to employ the Rules Engine to identify and re-send the survey email to individuals who may not have responded to a survey within a month's time. This tutorial may also be used if a reminder should be sent out at a later point in time.
Complexity: Easy
Description: Create a checkbox field within SFDC to use for detecting those who haven't responded to a specific NPS® Survey.
Challenges: Requires creation of a new field within SFDC on the Contact object.
  1. Create new custom field (checkbox) in SFDC
  2. Review survey responses from the last 30 days and update a checkbox field on the Contact object
  3. Create a Power List that employs this checkbox field to dynamically populate the list
  4. Create your outreach
  5. Optionally: Create a rule to clear the checkbox

Notes and Tips


  • This tutorial is presented for educational purposes only
  • Always test your rules before running them in a production environment
  • Understand your Salesforce environment before performing any operations which may affect your data

Updating Fields in (SFDC)

CAUTION:  When using the "Load to SFDC Object", you can potentially overwrite data! Test all rules before running them in a production environment.

Step 1 - Create Custom Fields on Source Object

Create a Checkbox Field

Create a Checkbox Field

Create a new custom checkbox field.  The field will be used by the rules created in this Tutorial.

To create the Custom Field, perform the following steps:

  • Under SFDC, select Customize >> Contact:
  • Click “Contact”
  • Under “Fields"
    • Click “New”
  • Step 1: Under New Custom Field
    • Select “Checkbox”
    • Click “Next”


Create a Label and Name for the Custom Field

Create a Label and Name for the Custom Field

Name the field "NPS® Response This Month" and leave the default value "Unchecked".  

Click "Next".

Set Field Level Security

Set Field Level Security

Consult with your SFDC administrator on security requirements. This case leaves all at "Visible".

Click "Next"

Page Layouts

Page Layouts

No updates are required on this page.

Click Save to create the field.

Step 2 - Create Rule

The first rule is to review survey responses from the last 30 days.  For each response, a checkbox is updated on the Contact record.

Create New Rule - NPS® Survey 1:  Load NPS® Response Binary to SFDC Contact


Create a new rule:

  • Rule Type:  Custom
  • Rule Name: NPS® Survey 1:  Load NPS® Response Survey to SFDC Contact
  • Description: <Something denoting intent of the rule>

Pull in Objects and Set Filters



In the Show Field Select:

  • NPS®Survey Response: :Account
  • NPS®Survey Response::User Name
  • NPS®Survey Response::Survey Code
  • NPS®Survey Response::Survey Code Name
  • Account::Id
  • NPS®Survey Response::User Email

In the Filters Field:

  • NPS®Survey Response::Response Date / greater of equal / Subtract N Days from Rule / 30
  • NPS®Survey Response::Survey Code Name / contains / <Your Survey Name>***

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The Survey Name may be customized, but if left un-customized this will be a long alphanumeric string. Please reference your actual survey name and use it here.

Click "Next"

Map Fields on Action Screen to Load to SFDC

gainsight-Re-send NPS Surveys-3.png

Click the gear at the top right of the screen and select "Permissions - Rules Load Actions" in order to map fields from the Contacts object so they can be used in the second action. (You will need the Gainsight Special Permission set in order to access this.)

Select the "NPS® Response This Month::BOOLEAN" field.

Action:  Load to SFDC Object

gainsight-Re-send NPS Surveys-4.png

Create the following Action:

  1. Action Type:  Load to SFDC Object
  2. Object Name:  Contact
  3. Operation:  Update
  4. Click "+Field mapping"
  5. Account::Id STRING:  Account ID (STRING) = Check "Include in identifiers"
  6. JBCXM__SurveyResponse__c::UserEmail (STRING) = Email (STRING).  Check "Include in identifiers"
  7. Add "NPS® Response This Month (BOOLEAN).  Click the checkbox.

Save the Action

Schedule/Run the Rule

We recommend you schedule the rule to run on a daily basis.

Step 3 - Create Power List in Journey Orchestrator

The next step in the process is to create an NPS® Power List that filters out Contacts where the custom field (NPS® Response This Month) is checked.

Create Power List



The field "NPS® response this month" is set to "not equal to - checked" because we're looking for people who did not respond to a particular survey.

Step 1 created a custom field which will load into SFDC on the Contact Object which notates if they have filled out a survey this month.

The next step is to create your Power List. The criteria will need to be customized to include contacts for the survey you are trying to send, but must now include the following two filters:

Set the following attributes for your Power List:

  1. Derive List of Contracts From:  Salesforce --> Contact
  2. Select "+ Criteria"
  3. Criteria A: Contact::NPS® Response This Month / Not Equal To / Check
  4. Criteria B:  Contact::Email Opt Out / Not Equal To / Check
  5. Select Fields:  <Select fields appropriate to your Powerlist>
  6. Account Lookup:  Account ID (AccountId)
  7. Check the boxes
    • "Refresh the power list daily at 07:00 AM (PST)"
    • "Refresh the power list before outreach execution"

Save and Refresh

Step 4 - Create Outreach


Create your outreach.  The details and template will be different for your particular environment. For more information, see Create and Execute Journey Orchestrator Outreaches (aka schedule emails)

A critical step is to check the "Send email once in 30 days" setting. This ensures that we are not sending a response to clients every day instead of once a month. 

Schedule this appropriately for your environment.

Step 5 - OPTIONAL - Run 2nd Rule to Uncheck Checkbox Field

Depending upon your environment, this may be an optional step.  Confirm with your Ops team if this is necessary; in the case where the checkbox field created previously is in use with different Journey Orchestrator surveys, it may be required.

Create New Rule - NPS® Survey 2: Uncheck Rule


Create a new rule:

  • Rule Type:  Custom
  • Rule Name: NPS® Survey 2:  Uncheck Rule <or something appropriate to your environment>
  • Description: <Something denoting intent of the rule>

Pull in Objects and Set Filters


In the Show Field Select:

  • Contact::Account ID
  • Contact::NPS®Survey Response This Month
  • Account::Account Name
  • Account::ID

Click "Next"

Action:  Load to SFDC Object


Create the following Action:

  1. Action Type:  Load to SFDC Object
  2. Object Name:  Contact
  3. Operation:  Update
  4. Account::Id STRING:  Account ID (STRING) = Check "Include in identifiers"
  5. Click "+Field mapping"
  6. Add "NPS® Response This Month (BOOLEAN).  Leave the checkbox blank.
  7. Click "+Criteria"
  8. Add the field "Contact::NPS® Response This Month / equals / value / checked"

Save the Action

Scheduling and Execution

Scheduling Order and Timing (Example):

  • Checkbox Rule - Scheduled to run at 5:00 am.
  • Outreach - Scheduled for 5:30 am
  • "Uncheck" Checkbox Rule (if applicable) - Scheduled for 11:30 pm (or later) - this allows for mail distribution to complete
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