Sometimes a CSM may want to personally email a contact a link to a survey. For instance, after providing consultative services, the CSM might want to gather feedback from the customer. For any survey where the email service is not Journey Orchestrator or Marketo, Gainsight can export a unique survey url link for each participant. 

This article explains how to obtain the unique survey links.

Survey > Properties > Email service


In Survey > Properties > Email service, you must select either Salesforce or the Gainsight Email service.

Publish & Add Participants to Survey

  • Publish the Survey on the Survey > Publish page.
  • Add participants to the Survey on the Survey > Add participants page.

Export Distribution List

1. On the Survey > Distribute page, select the "To be contacted" group.


2. Select all the contacts using the checkbox in the left column of the table.

3. Click the Export button to the right of the Send Email button.

Gainsight will send an email to the logged in user with a csv file containing all of the participants, and the unique survey urls for each of them.