This article will guide you in loading or inserting NPS® results from a 3rd party Excel file. Use these instructions when you administer(ed) surveys outside of Gainsight, but you want to load the results into Gainsight for reporting and health score purposes. This can be accomplished with any SFDC data loader.

Once the NPS® results are loaded into Gainsight, you can visualize the data on the NPS® analytics tab and the Customer or Relationship 360. In the example below, we use the Salesforce Data Import Wizard to load the survey results, after setting up the results spreadsheet and configuring Gainsight.

Create Survey in Gainsight

Create Survey in Gainsight

For surveys administered outside of Gainsight's Survey module, you need to add the Survey to our Survey Master. The Survey Master generates a Survey Code that will hold the 3rd Party NPS® Data, or in other words, your survey responses.

Navigate to Administration > Surveys. In the NPS® Survey Master section, click New to create a new survey with dates that fall within the period you are loading results for.

Complete the NPS® Survey Master details:

  • Publish Date: Date Survey is Published
  • Survey Name: Name that will be Populated in analytical views.
  • Survey Code: It can be the same as the survey name (recommended).

Then copy the id in the URL and save it for reference later. Sample code is: a1J37000000gQ7TEAU.

If you're loading results into an existing survey, go to the Survey Master Page and click edit next to the relevant Survey Master. Copy the Survey Code in the URL.

Insert NPS® Results from Excel File

In this step, you’ll prepare the file for import. You can this template as a model. Save the file as CSV (Comma Separated Values). If your original 3rd Party data has extra fields, remove those columns and save the new file. (** indicates required field)
  • JBCXM__Account__c** : SFDC Account ID (Can be 15CH or 18 CH, can vary by data loader)
  • JBCXM__SurveyCode__c** : Remember that ID you copied, it goes here (Sample: a1J37000000gQ7TEAU)
  • JBCXM__NPS®Comment__c : Optional comment corresponding to NPS® Score.
  • JBCXM__NPS®Score__c** : Score that the survey respondent provided.
  • JBCXM__NPS®ScoreText__c** : Duplicate column of NPS® Score that the system needs.
  • JBCXM__NPS®ScoreType__c** :

Use this Excel Formula to convert numerical Survey Score into a readable GS Score Type

=IF(Survey Score>=9,"Promoter",IF(Survey Score>=7,"Passive","Detractor"))  

Replace “Survey Score” to reference Cell in Spreadsheet.

  • JBCXM__ResponseDate__c** :

Convert Format as: YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS.000Z (Date/Time)

  • JBCXM__UserEmail__c** : Email address of respondent. If not provided, use
  • JBCXM__UserName__c** :If not provided, use Email Address
  • JBCXM__UserRole__c** : If not provided, replace with User
  • JBCXM_GSRelationship_c : (Optional) Provide Record ID (18CH)  from GS Relationship Object

Import Data SFDC Import Wizard

Refer to Salesforce Data Import Wizard if necessary. 

Launch Wizard:

For “What Data you are Importing,” select Custom Objects and then click “NPS®Survey Response”.


After clicking the Object and selecting "Add new records", you will be directed to “What do you want to do?" Follow the image below for setup.


Some setups may vary, but typically these two should be marked ID:

  • Which NPS® Survey Master field in your file do you want to match against to set the Survey Code lookup Field.

  • Which Account field in your file specifies the Master/Detail relationship?


Then click Next, Drag and Drop or Upload the NPS® File, and click Next.

On the mapping page, Map Object Headers to File by clicking “Map”. The results should be similar to the image below:

Then, click Next and Start Import. You can follow the Salesforce prompts to see if the load is successful or not. Then navigate to the NPS® tab to see your survey analytics.


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