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Calculation of True NPS on Survey Responses


Admins can build a report on True NPS in Gainsight Reports and Dashboards which allows for dynamic filtering categorized by Participant, Company, Region, Product, Segment, CSM, etc. True NPS is a standard field in the application object NPS Survey Response. This field helps admins to calculate True NPS for various segments of responses.

This field stores the value :

  • 100 for Promoters (Response values of 9 or 10)
  • 0 for Passives (Response values of 7 or 8)
  • -100 for detractors (Response values of 0 to 6)

To find the True NPS of all the responses that you have filtered, you must apply an aggregation of average on this field. This article explains how to build reports on this field to calculate the True NPS by various dimensions, including Participant, Company, Region, Product, Segment, CSM, etc. For instance, if you sent an NPS Survey to different customers in different geographical regions, you might want to report the True NPS by customer region to determine the positive or negative trend of NPS responses. 

To learn more about the Survey 2.0 Gainsight Objects, refer to Surveys 2.0 Module Objects article. 

Calculation of True NPS of NPS response

You can calculate the True NPS of NPS response in two ways:

  • A simple mathematical formula:  percentage of promoters - percentage of detractors
  • You can use a field which assigns 100 to Promoters, 0 to Passive and  -100 for Detractors and calculate the True NPS as an average of that field grouped by various dimensions, such as Participant, Company, Region, Product, Segment, CSM, etc.

Create a Report to compute True NPS by Customer Region

To create a report:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Analytics > Report Builder.
  2. Click + REPORT to create a new report.
  3. Select the NPS Survey Response (Gainsight Object) as the source object.
  4. Add the True NPS field to Show me section.
  5. Click the Settings/Gear icon and select Average from the Aggregation dropdown list.
  6. Add the Customer Region field to By section.
  7. Click RUN to see the records in the report.

True NPS by CR.gif

You can also add this report to a dashboard and apply a global filter to view by customer region. For more information on Global Filters, refer Global Filters for Dashboard.



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